Key Tips for Keeping your Child’s Smartphone Secure

If you allow your child to possess a Smartphone, or even if you simply allow them to play with yours, you need to ensure your child understands the importance of internet safety. Luckily, in our modern digital age there now exists mobile phone software that enables parents to have some control over website access for internet safety, as well as putting limitations in place for child protection.

Parental Smartphone Control Tips for SuccessHow to protect your child while using smartphone to talk with friends

Parental controls

Check your child’s Smartphone for parental controls as most will come with this as a feature. In the settings menu, you should be able to find options for certain restrictions that you can set by means of a password. You can then choose to restrict certain websites or applications as you see fit.

Suspicious messages

Thankfully, most of the top email providers are very good at spotting a potentially harmful message and use their filters to send such messages straight to a spam folder. Unfortunately, Smartphones are just as susceptible to malware and virus attacks as your home desktop and certain measures must be taken to prevent them.

Using free WiFi hotspots can leave your child’s phone at risk of attack, as open access makes their phone far easier to hack than it would be at home or when using a secure internet connection.

Take the time to explain to your child why hotspots can be dangerous and are better off being avoided.How to Keep Your Child Safe while using smartphone

Block users

There are a wide variety of applications available for Apple, Android and Blackberry users who wish to block certain users. You can even record unwanted messages or texts to use as evidence of unsolicited harassment or bullying of your child.

Your network provider can also help you block unwanted contact through use of an online account on their website, which helps you configure certain restrictions.

Missing phone

If your child loses their phone, their contacts and identity can be compromised. Your network provider can help you remote wipe the data from the phone for safekeeping.

There are also many apps available for Apple, Android and Blackberry users that can help you locate a phone that has been lost or stolen, or allow you to erase its data. Most devices now give users the opportunity to back up data in cyberspace, so it won’t be entirely out of your reach.

Allowing your child to have a Smartphone can be valuable, as they are always within reach should they require help or need to be contacted.

In the digital age, Smartphones are also a useful educational tool. So long as your child is aware of the potential dangers and security threats that surround the use of mobile devices and the measures needed to effectively counter them, they can continue to enjoy their Smartphone without any cause for concern.

What are other child phone usage safety measures you take in making sure your children avoid some of the mobile dangers we’ve mentioned above? Please share your views below.






5 responses to “Key Tips for Keeping your Child’s Smartphone Secure”

  1. Sumit gupta Avatar
    Sumit gupta

    well written…..child security is a must in this tech world

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You are right brother. Hope you’re doing great?

  2. Dealer UD Trucks Avatar
    Dealer UD Trucks

    Great info, very useful, thank you i will need this.

  3. K.H. Avatar

    Great info, but I can’t even think of getting my little one a phone, only using my tablet for a hour or so a day. People are targeting anyone for their valuables. I just don’t think children can comprehend what security risks they might be taking.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, children are prone to attacks from the bad guys out there, we as parent have a lot to do in teaching them against these bad people. Thanks for commenting

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