How To Clone a Hard Drive While Running Windows 10 with Todo Backup

If you get a new a hard drive, or even a new Solid State Drive (SSD), you will need to get all your files, plus your operating system (like Windows 10) unto the new hard drive. In the old days, what you had to do was back up all your files, re-install your Windows, and then restore all your files.

Quite a hassle, right?

But today you get “Cloning”. Cloning hard drive is exactly as it sounds. You are making an exact copy of another hard drive, with no differences and is 100% operational, without the need to reinstall your Windows 10 or to backup your files (although we recommend to regularly backup your files).

The possibilities for cloning a hard drive is endless, like having a spare hard drive for incase your current one fails, you upgrade to a newer, larger hard drive, or any other reason for that matter.

But how does one clone a hard drive?

Sure Windows can do it, but it’s a very complicated process that can only be achieved in recovery mode. And most times some files go missing and you’re not guaranteed that it will be 100% operational. Your other option is to get backup software like those on offer from EaseUS. This allows you to click a few buttons and clone a hard drive just by following the on screen step by step wizard.

How to Clone A Hard Drive Windows 10 Using EaseUS Todo BackupHow to Clone A Hard Drive Windows 10 Using EaseUS Todo Backup

  1. Launch your Todo software and click the “Clone” button
  2. Choose the disk you want to clone
  3. Select the disk you want to clone to (be sure to select “Sector by Sector Clone”)
  4. Review to make sure everything is in order
  5. Click “Proceed”

Select clone sector by sector in EASEUS clone software

That’s it. After the software does their job, you will have two hard drives that is exactly the same.

This allows you to have two computers, upgrade your hard drive, or to have a an exact clone as a back up, so that when your computer fails, you can install the cloned hard drive and go on as if nothing ever happened. Even if you are using Windows 10.

Now EaseUS Todo Backup can do more than just cloning hard drives, and is originally intended to be used as backup software. They are the leading experts in the backup market, and you can be sure they have the exact package to fit your needs and budget.

A standard home package won’t suffice for businesses, and likewise with the business package for home users. You will features you don’t use, or not have enough features to do what you need.

Todo backup also have a free version for you to try out to make sure it’s the software for you. Make sure you buy the right package for your needs, and happy cloning.

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