Top Cloud Computing Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Due to loads of emails from users requesting to know more things about Cloud Computing and its features, we have to provide the Top Cloud Computing Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, please read on and learn some things about cloud computing.

Let see the frequently asked questions about cloud computing:

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing defines service rather than a product. It also indulges in providing hosted service on the net. Well cloud computing can be a service which is paid or else it may be a free one. All these depend on the user. You could get this service based on the hour, minute. It is flexible, in terms you could get the service any time as much as you want. There are three types of cloud computing namely: Infrastructure as a Service IaaS, Platform as a Service PaaS, and Software as a service SaaS.

Cloud computing FAQ and Answers

Why Should You Use Cloud Computing?

You should definitely endeavor to use cloud computing because it has several advantages like

  • It reduces cost, in case both the buyer and the service provider.
  • It provides innumerable storage capacity. Once you get the application, you need not to worry about the space; you just need to update the software regularly. Thus, in turn lowers the cost of the company.
  • The cloud computing also enables you to get automatic up gradation. There is no need for you to hire professionals.
  • It is very flexible indeed; you could use them according to your comfort label.
  • It is very mobile. You could access it from anywhere; the only thing you require is the ceaseless internet connection.
  • Last but not the least you need not to download any data.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing?

1. You would face a lot of problem with the quality of the service.

2. The cloud service providers even fail to do regular maintenance.

3. Now a days Cloud computing application tend to be very costly. The buyers need to get the system to develop various versions of software.

4. Another disadvantage is that you could not shift the service to another cloud Service providers.

5. The recent application is running through various stages of tastes. However, they failed to produce the assured flexibility.

6. You should have sound knowledge on the cloud computing application. Here you need to deal with the cloud Service providers. It is tough to get through it.

What Do You Mean By Public Cloud?

Public Cloud is that where the provider of the service makes various services like storage and application accessible to the general users on the internet. Well this service is given based on two schemes. Either you could get it free or you pay as you are using.

Let’s Discuss The Advantages Of Public Cloud:

  • The set up is easy and less costly because the service provides the cost of the bandwidth.
  • It provides swift scalability to meet all kinds of your needs.
  • Even it is not wastage of your money. You pay as much as you use, the step which gives you more power on your money than just paying for what you are not making better use of.

What Is Private Cloud Computing?

You could also call it as corporate cloud or internal cloud .It is such an infrastructure that gives hosting service to a handful of users coupled with the firewall. If you are an owner of a media company then you could use the private cloud system in order to have full control over the data. For this, you need to seek the help of any third party service provider like the Simple Storage Service. It is one of the best online business service.

How Unique is Cloud Computing?

You should know that cloud is defined as on demand. It even attaches the features coupled with grid models and utility. Cloud computing also helps you perform huge number of task. It boasts of as an independent service provider. Today cloud computing is the most desirable element of IT industry. The clubbing of these attributes has made it the most popular one. You would feel great to know that both term utility and the cloud computing both complement each other. Thus, cloud computing, Grid computing, utility are the real trendsetter of the web world.

What Does Service Provider Would Charge For The Service?

The Software as a service provider feels proud to provide the service as per as you need. They even provide you the opportunity to get as you pay. The service provider provides unlimited service to the users. As compared to others, here the cloud computing provides you with ceaseless power. However, if the power exceeds the specified tenure then you need not to worry. The service provider would charge the postpaid bill. You could take the instance of Amazon cloud server, which actually endeavor to take charges based on per hour from the users. You could also take the instance of Linux, which charges 10 cents only.

Data Safety In Cloud Computing?

In case of cloud computing, data safety is an important aspect. It is something that you should always pay heed. There are some online service providers such as Carbonite and Link up, who have faced a huge problem with data. All of a sudden, they lost the data and were incapable to find the data for all those customers. Another most disgusting thing is that the data is not safe at all. Sometimes it is trapped in to the bad hands. Therefore it is necessary on your part to get a detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of the privacy and security policy.

The above-mentioned are the different types of questions asked regarding cloud computing that we’re able to get together for you.

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