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TechAtLast Discussion & Comment Policy 

We take precaution of what user submitted for publication on TechAtLast by making sure all approved comments are authored by the submitter. We do not allow copied content from around the web, neither do we regard automated comments.

As we’re striving to provide the best of the best contents for our user base, we’d like to address one embarrassing issue which has been going on lately in our community that tends to demote our dear platform from the search engine.

We’ve stressed so many time how much we’ve appreciated your comments in the past and we are not relenting in our efforts to put our users first at all times.

In our wake to address pressing issue that has been reducing the level of engagement on our portal, we’ll updating the user comment guidelines to prevent abuse and spam comments.

In a simple, yet straight-forward line of text, I will be explaining the kind of behaviour that we are expecting from all commenters on this portal. Anyone caught not following these guidelines will be banned totally from using our portal.

By commenting on TechAtLast, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations in this comment policy (dated April 13, 2013).


You will submit thematic comment

Any kind of comment with little or no relevance to the topic discussed will be deleted. If you’re involved in regular posting of unthematic content on this blog, we’ll soon catch up with you and get you off our portal. We want to increase real human activities, not publishing bot-inspired-content which has been automated to be published all over the web.

Keyword usage is a “No No” (No use of Keywords in Author box)

When commenting here, make sure your real names or nickname are used. We won’t allow keywords in your names. And if you try to be smarter than you could ever think of by gaming the system with “targeted keyword-like-nicknames” as author name, we will delete your comment and ban all your credentials against other time.

And you know what that means, you are no longer allowed to comment on any of our web pages because we’d block your IPs.

You will not include external links inside content

Recommending external links to high quality web resources is a good practice if the links are relevant to the topic discussed. However, smartly linking to your own website or articles without any benefit to our awesome tribe will be frowned upon.


We accept English as official language on this website. Use of different language is not allowed. And we reserve the right to either remove or edit out anything that looks offensive. We are working towards enabling other languages on TechAtLast site wide and we’ll keep you posted as we enable this feature in the future. That’sone of the reasons why you need to stay subscribed to us.

Abuse of others

Raising abusive words on our authors or fellow commenters on this website will bag you a life ban.

You may disagree with others (including the authors), but it has to be done in a professional way

You may disagree with the author’s claim but you can do that in a professional way to allow peace to reign while making the internet lively for everyone. We do not allow childish behavior here.

Our editors has total rights over every comments on the blog

We reserve the right to do anything with your comments if they seems off-topic or not in accordance to what we’re expecting. While we support challenging comments that offer well structured criticism, but, we reserve the total rights to make changes to, or remove them from our website, for any reason.

At TechAtLast, we are here to hear what you have got to share with us, but we’d appreciate them in a professional way.

Thanks for investing your time in adding values to the discussion here, and we hope these rules would help you improve your discussion skills.

NB: If this is not what you are looking for, our Terms of Use page covers everything in-depth on how to use this site effectively. Please make sure you agree to the terms before moving to the next page on this website.


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