Computer Training Course -Part 1

Basic Computer


What is a Computer

Computer is an electroince device that have ability to manipulate data or information. Computer can work for storage information, retrieval and processing of data both in large and small quantity. A computer is can be used for typing of documents, sending of emails, and for surfing the internet (browsing the internet). One of the major uses of a computer in the area of data processing is its ability to process spreadsheets, and its usefulness for accounting and database management capacity for business and individual. Some people use computer for gaming and many times, it is used to produce presentation for seminars as a slideshow which involves power-point.

Computer is part of our daily activities, you may not noptice this before, but you have to undestand  that you;re making use of computer everyday unless you’re not a humanbeing and you did not use ATM machine at all because some of this are products of a compyuter. If you have a bank account, your money is going in and out of computer, you have to know this. Before you go to other page on the site, make sure to watch this video to know you can use computer and some other tricks about computing easily.

Thanks for reading this short computer introduction, remember to read the part 2 of this article next week when we’ll be learning on how a computer work, how to use computer keyboard, how you can type documents on your computer and many other topics. Stay tuned.

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