Contract phone or pay as you go?

When you think of cheap mobile phones, smart phones are not what spring to mind. To many of us cheap mobile phones mean basic models of phones that you can call or text people from without any internet capabilities. However, things seem to be changing and the cost of smart phones is coming down as the demand for them increases.

If you decide to get a contract with a smart phone there are a number of mobile phone deals out there that are well worth looking at. Take for example the Apple iPhone 4S; this is one of the newest smart phones on the market and if you search around you can get it for an amazing £24 per month with 100 minutes, 500 texts and a whopping 100MB of data plus a free gift of your choice. This is an impressive deal given that only a year ago, smart phone contracts were a lot more.contract or pay as you go

Many people choose not to buy smart phones on contracts. This can make them cheap mobile phones in the long run as you are able to choose a cheap pay as you go sim. Even buying smart phones this way makes them cheaper mobile phones than before, now you can buy them for around the £500 mark.

The smart phones are the great triumph of modern technology and the current developments have made them a triumph for our bank balances as well. Now when you are looking for cheap mobile phones why not check out smart phones; you may be very surprised just how cheaply you can pick one up for. Plus with the cash back and free gift attached to many contracts a smart phone can work out far cheaper than you first think. However it is important to keep an eye on how long the contract is for, while 24 months may not seem that long it can be longer than you think.

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