How to Control your Computer from Phone Remotely

The sluggish habits of my husband have always been exasperating. I can very well understand his craving to sleep until late, or watch those stupid television shows, on weekends. But making every weekend lazy seems quite redundant.

However, this time, his ‘lazy’ habit has come out with something interesting. Lately, he has been talking about a way to control the computer while on the comfort of his bed. In addition, this could be done with a mobile phone. This idea seemed interesting because it could potentially save me from his constant reminders of getting off the bed when I’m watching movie. Thankfully, there is one good, which has emerged from his lazy habits!

Steps to Control Computer from Phone…even while watching movie!

mobile phone remote control

After much annoying tendencies, he finally revealed the secret. Read on to know more.

The application

First, know your requirements.

  • A smart phone, Android phone, Apple iPhone or iPad
  • Wi-Fi internet connection

Using an application, Android Desktop Remote, you can use your smart phone as a wireless mouse with keyboard. This application can be downloaded free or purchased. This application enables you to control your Windows desktop from your Android device. There is no usage limit. You can convert your Windows desktop into a touch-enabled interface

There is a slight difference between the free and full version. The full version enables you to view your Windows desktop on your Android device or smartphone, while the free version does not.

The Android Desktop Remote can be obtained at You need to be in the location where Google permits users to purchase the application for getting the full version.

Just connect to a wireless network and install the software. After installation is complete, start the Desktop Remote Free Application. You computer will be automatically detected as the server. Having done this successfully, your desktop can now be controlled without having to move around anywhere.

Just in case………….

Ensure that the same Wi-Fi connects your mobile and desktop. This is essential for the application to work properly. You can work securely as long as the wireless connection is protected. If you want to have your own control, go and grab the mouse and keyboard.

Presently, the application can only work on a Wi-Fi connection. Keep your desktop restricted by a firewall to your local network only. This shall keep the security risks at bay.

The JumiMouse Desktop, Mouse, or Remote can be used for iPhone and iPad. You can use JumiOne Desktop, Mouse, or Keyboard for your computer.

Sometimes, you may get a message ‘socket not connected’. There may be a problem with firewall setup blocking the connection. If your computer has Windows Firewall, you will need to create exception. It may happen that the full version of this application goes missing for sometime time, may be a few days. The probable reason could be a recent update to the Android device’s OS or firmware.

With this skill, your smartphone can give you a relaxed and simple weekend with your desktop. Enjoy your favorite movie or video within the comfy environment. In addition, there is no need to jump from your bed! Get some more out of your investment on the smartphone with simple steps.

Now, you can control computer from your smartphone without having to leave your present location…just link them and remotely control the computer with your mobile device. Don’t you see this makes a lot of sense?

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