How to Convert Multiple MSG Files to PDF Effectively

Apart from OST and PST, Microsoft Outlook provides one more file format within it i.e., MSG files. These files comprise of all data of a single Outlook email. The file is created by dragging and dropping it on any location on the machine. It is not easy to open .msg file on several OS due to compatibility issues. Therefore, in this blog, we are describing solutions on how to convert multiple MSG files to PDF format. This will make Outlook email file accessible on several platforms, even on smartphones. To save Outlook MSG as PDF file, there are many methods discussed in this article.

Need To Export MSG to PDF Format

There are plenty of situations due to which a user wishes to export MSG files to PDF format. This PDF file gets easily opened on electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Some of the circumstances that arise need for MSG to PDF conversion are discussed below:

  • Outlook MSG file is not secure and can be modified by any user. On the other hand, PDF is known as Portable Document Format. This is independent of the platform and can be opened using any application or on any operating system. A PDF file provides security to the user, which ensures that all the data is safe.
  • Sometimes, a user wants to backup important MSG files. So, if any problem occurs then, he/she might not lose his data and access them anywhere and anytime. So, it is better to convert bulk MSG files to Portable PDF document file.
  • PDF file maintains the data integrity as well as the formatting of the actual email message. Therefore, it becomes easy to access the same formatting of email in this file format.

Manual Solutions to Convert Multiple MSG Files to PDF

There are following techniques to export Outlook messages to PDF file format. These are explained below:

  • Technique 1: Convert MSG File to PDF format
  1. Open MS Outlook and select the email message, which you want to save in PDF file format.
  2. Click on File and select Save as option.
  3. A new Window explorer will appear in which you have to choose the HTML option from Save Type As menu and save the file at desired location.
  4. Now, navigate to that file location, right click on that file to select Open with >> MS Word.
  5. Again, go to File and Choose Save As option.
  6. Select File Type as PDF from the listed options. MSG file will be converted to PDF format.
  • Technique 2: Print Outlook Messages
  1. Open MS Outlook email client that you want to convert into PDF file format.
  2. Press Ctrl + P through which a print dialog window will appear on the screen.
  3. Choose Adobe PDF as the printer and click on the Print option.
  4. The Conversion process will start. If you need to convert your attachments too, then select Print Options >> Print Attached Files >> Press Print. By doing this, attachments will be stored in different PDF files.
  • Technique 3: Use of Add-in Microsoft Outlook
    1. Open Adobe PDF tab in Outlook and choose Setup Automatic Archival as the option.
    2. Click on Add button and select the email folder that you want to convert to PDF format.
    3. Select Run Archival Now.
    4. Here the actual conversion gets started.
    5. In order to involve your attachments for conversion, Click on the Settings tab and select Include All Attachments.

Limitations of Manual method

There are some drawbacks to convert multiple MSG files to PDF format manually due to which they are not considered to be an effective solution. These approaches are as mentioned:

  • It can only be used for converting few MSG to PDF file format. When we have countless MSG files to be converted then, the manual method fails.
  • Many steps are involved. So, this process is very lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Users cannot preview their MSG files just before they are converting it to PDF file format.
  • Users cannot check status report that how much conversion is done and how much is left.

Automated Solution

There is another option through which you can convert Outlook messages to PDF format i.e. SysTools MSG Viewer Pro. According to technical experts, this is the most effective tool to convert multiple MSG files to PDF. The software saves Outlook messages to PDF along with the attachments in the same format as they were before the conversion.


MSG files are considered unsafe because they can be modified without the owner’s consent. Users can convert multiple MSG files to PDF either for backup purpose or any other need. There are major 2 techniques to achieve this file conversion. The manual method is suitable only when it is about a countable number of MSG files.

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