15 of the Coolest Cyclist Gadgets for the Avid Cyclist [MUST HAVES]

Cycling has become a favorite activity, especially among the youth. This uptake has been attributed to the adoption of healthier lifestyles by most people. There are certain cyclist gadgets that can be added to the bike to make cycling a more fulfilling experience. Bicycle manufacturers have noted that bikers are always looking out for new gadgets to spruce up their bikes. These are some of the most exciting devices that are currently in the market.

Coolest Cyclist Gadgets for the avid cyclists out there…

Coolest Cyclist Gadgets for Avid Cyclist
Looking out for new cyclist gadgets to spruce up your bike? These are the coolest cyclist gadgets for your choosing. | CC:- Techndustries LLC

1. SmrtGRiPS Bike Grips

These grips enhance the cycling experience by keeping bikers’ hands slip-free. The grips have GPS capability and thus provide those using them accurate info about where they are. This information can be garnered without requiring a cyclist to alter the position of his or her hands. With this one, you’ll agree with me that this is one of the craziest features that one could find in collection of cyclist gadgets.

2. The Cycle Sign Projector

Still in its conceptual stages, the device promises to revolutionize the way people perceive cycling. Its workings are similar to those of a motor vehicle indicator. The brains behind the project envision that the gadget will allow cyclists to alter their planned signage using an application connected to the device. It will offer information concerning the direction that they are headed to.

3. Backtracker Bike Radar

This device has won accolades for giving cyclists prompt info about the distance between them and approaching vehicles. It provides information concerning speeds at which the cars are approaching. The devices come with a radar module, which is installed on the bikes. The module flashes on and off, thus enhancing the perceptibility of riders.

4. Linked Cycle Bike Tracking Apparatus

This is for those who are conscious about their bicycles. It only entails the installation of special pedals, which have tracking devices. One among the pedals is equipped with a cellular chip in which an unrestricted SIM card is installed. The gadget is linked with an app, which means that bike owners receive data about their bicycles from whichever place they are.

5. USB Light by Bookman

This is a safety gadget acclaimed for improving cyclists’ safety, particularly at night. It is often attached to the back of a bicycle. It has gained popularity because it can fit any bike model and is also cheap.

6. Bicycle Can Cage

This gadget is meant for cyclists who like quenching their thirsts as they ride. It holds beverage cans safely, making it possible for riders to take sips along the way.

7. Num Lock

This is a unique security apparatus, which turns the entire bike into a lock. Once it has been attached to the bicycle, it can be left on parking yards without fear of theft or vandalism.

8. Bicycle Mounted Bottle Opener

This is a must-have for cyclists who love sipping on their favorite beverages as they ride. It is uniquely designed and attached directly to a bicycle’s rails. This gives cyclists an opportunity to cap off drinks while cruising. It also enhances the aesthetics of a bike.

9. Bike Planters

This gadget is designed to benefit riders who are environmentally conscious. These basically plant holders that are attached to a bike’s frame. Flowers and plants can be ingrained in the holders. They are quite affordable, making them a necessity for bikers.

10. Helmet Hero Wide Camera

This is a high-tech gadget, e.g., Camera mounted on the biker’s helmet. It makes riding safely by recording real-time info about other road users and any other relevant information. It also checks on the speed that a bike is cruising at.

11. Grip Rings

These apparatus give bikers the easiest opportunity of personalizing their bicycles. The grips come in a variety of colors, which can also be mixed and harmonized to create a unique color combination. Also, every set of grips comes with seven rings, which are fastened using a locking plug.

12. LA FLECHE Handlebar

This device is for bikers who want their bikes to have a vintage look. Normally, it is made using aluminum, wood or brass. This gives the handlebar and the entire bike a classic appearance. The designers guarantee the durability of the handle bars by using toughened material in their manufacture.

13. Bike Frame Storage

This attachment comes in handy for riders who like carrying along some of their belongings. It is normally fixed on a bicycle’s main frame. The material itself is pliant and waterproof, which lets it accommodate goods of any shape.

14. Bluetooth Bike Speakers

These are a must-have for music-loving cyclists. The speakers are often strapped on any part of the bike and synched with the rider’s phone playlist. Once they are turned on, riders can enjoy their favorite music while cruising. It is also safer compared to the use of headphones. They are usually connected to the rider’s phone via Bluetooth.

15. Bike Umbrellas

These go a long way in keeping riders insulated from harsh weather elements such as drizzles and excessive sunlight. They are mostly mounted on the handlebars and do not affect the cyclist’s safety.

These coolest cyclist gadgets will ensure your safety as you enjoy cycling. They are affordable and readily available in most online stores that deals on cyclist gadgets and other sport related gadgets.

Good, I have been able to share some of the best, or  call them coolest cyclist gadgets you could ever found out there, but I haven’t allowed you to have a say. So, here’s your chance to contribute to the discussion.

Which of these cyclist gadgets have you used, and can you discuss your experience with us?





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