Craigslist+ On The Go – Effective Mobile App for Online Search

This is a guest post by Manickam Vijayabanu, an IT professional and Blogger from Baltimore.USA.

Craigslist! I am pretty sure there is no need for introduction. Most of the net surfers and online shopping enthusiasts would well cognizant about this simple and amazing site for classified web search. After iPhone, Android kind of smart phones immense success, mobile apps becomes so popular and aids a lot while on the go and people love to use these handy tools.

To keep your search life more better, recently Craigslist has launched a smart phone app, Craigslist+ On The Go. A perfect tool to search your essential items over web and no matter where ever you have been located. Hooray!

How It Could Help?

I understand, that you can search directly on Craigslist site using your mobile browser. The issue is, when you hit the road and trying to search things dynamically on the fly, direct site search become more complex and little tricky, since it requires lot of patience to zero down your search. The Craigslist+ will become more versatile and help enormously.
The main fun part on finding your items would be on the go. Craigslist+ does comes with most famous Cities in US and Neighborhoods information’s as handy and lets you to search by category as well. Also, you can filter products by different search criteria like as Region, Neighborhood or Area and so on.You can just select the desired city and product category you wish to search for and hit the search button. The app will consolidate all classified sites available on web corresponding to the search category and pass it to your mobile with legible format.

Key Features:

You can use the app either to list down the products or for detailed analysis. Also, if you wish to acknowledge your friends about the search listing, simply you can mail it with few strokes on the screen. Also, it adds Craigslist listing hyperlink to email for easy references. Craigslist+ merely let you do everything about the search on handy. If you do business at online for used products, or a person who search products often at web, I believe you won’t have any regrets to use Craigslist+ and for sure you will be satisfied.
The text based layout is so popular at Craigslist and allows you to do hassle free operation on search and always ease at navigation. That has transformed at Craigslist+ also. The other interesting feature, integrated phone dialing option. That means, when you found something attractive related to your preferred search, just simply dial the integrated number. Simple and fastest way to reach the ad host instead communicating through mail. I really love this, since it would help me a lot while on the go and cut down unwanted waiting time for responses and can help in making fast decision.
The next is about ads. These days, most smart phone apps cluttered with enough ads and make you bother during operation. Craigslist+ comes out 100% ad-free. Cool guy!

Other Key Features:

  • Map directions to ad-post location driven by Google map.
  • Allows Multi-CITY search
  • More than 20+ search category option
  • Post ads directly from the app
  • Swipe through image-Gallery
  • Allows email reply to the poster
  • Search History and Bookmark facility for favorites
Overall, if you are looking smart way of search products at online Craigslist+ has plenty to offer you.
Happy Shopping!
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I am Manickam Vijayabanu, an IT professional and Blogger from Baltimore.USA. MediaCrayon is all about interesting articles and contents from diversified fields where I love to discuss anything about Technology and Creativity. You can reach me on Twitter:-!/mediacrayon


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