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First time that I heard of Creately was when I visited the blog myself when the owner of the blog came to read and drop comment on one of my posts on this blog. Since then, I’ve loved being around the site to read and check for articles about creativity drawings tool provided by Creately.

If you are looking for online drawing tool to draw and make your art seen by thousands of people worldwide, you need to get one Creately account right away. Gone are the days when artists have to use pen and papers to draw, and now, there’s an online tool to make the task faster and even better.

Everything has now been simplified with the Creately Online Drawing Tool!

It is supported by most of the world’s top organizations as a reliable and efficient drawing tool (for Microsoft, Mac and others).

As one of the sponsoring companies for the Techatlast contest for 2012, Creately qualifies to be reviewed here as a fulfilment of our promise in our pre-contest launch post. And since you know that we used to keep our promises, so don’t be surprised that this product and service review for Creately is a freely delivered service and you could be a benefactor of something similar to that if you join our next contest sponsors. Though, two companies have already booked their participation in the contest and this time around, the next coming contest would be great and exciting, more than this current one :). I think this current contest is successful, didn’t it?

Let’s get back to business of the day and talk more about Creately and its powerful features.

Creately Awesome Features and Prices:

  • Drag and Drop features that makes it easier for you to draw faster, sharper and smarter.
  • Better diagramming experience – it is quite easy to use better than any other tool online out there.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects with tags without stress
  • Cool and elegant interface that lets you draw without border
  • Cool fonts
  • Ability to share your drawings with friends and others from the interface
  • Ability to publish your work to the web, any webpages on the web or through a private network
  • You can also synch your drawings
  • Bug fixes solution and others….
It doesn’t cost much as other drawing tools out there. Creately package prices are moderate and anybody can benefit from using it without hassle.
Check the pricing below:
Creately pricing and features
Creately pricing and features

A sample of Creately FlowChart

Creately flowchart sample
Creately flowchart sample

I hope you enjoy the Creately’s review? Kindly add your comment below or if you have some suggestions or questions, let us know here. You can also check our other posts related to creately such as CAD.

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