Who is a Critical Illness Cover for & What are Its Advantages?

If you want to lead a comfortable and worry-free life, then you need to prioritize the health of yourself and your loved ones. As you look at the facts and figures inferred by various studies and researches, you will get to know that there has been an increase in the cases of critical illnesses over the last few years. According to the study published by the planning commission of India, the instances of cardiovascular diseases due to stress and improper diet, are going to increase significantly.

Now, the crucial thing is to prepare yourself for an unfortunate situation. You need to make efforts to protect the health of your family. A family health insurance policy with critical illness cover is all that you need. It will not only provide your financial safety by meeting your medical expenditures but also keep you stress-free.

Critical illness cover advantages
An efficient family health insurance policy with critical illness cover is mainly what you need in meeting your medical expenditures and reducing stress during medical emergencies. There are many advantages of critical illness cover that we will itemize in this post.

Who Can Take a Critical Illness Cover?

If you are wondering who can take a critical illness cover, then the answer is – “all of us.” Though it depends on the insurer to insurer, most of the insurers offer a critical illness policy to people who are more than 5 years of age and usually less than 65 years of age.

A medical emergency can happen to anyone, irrespective of age. But, if you have a family history of a critical illness, then it becomes more significant for you to get covered against the impending risk. Also, if you have certain financial responsibilities and have a few dependants, then for your family’s financial security, it is a wise decision to get critical illness cover.

Though the sooner you take the policy, the better it is, but the individuals who are more than 40 years of age and are yet to take coverage against critical ailments must do so at the earliest.

You may also not need to go for pre-policy medical check-ups to buy the critical illness cover. It may interest you to know that this policy does not require you to submit any special documentation. You just need to fill in simple details online and make a payment. However, in the case of a pre-existing medical condition, you may be required to submit certain medical documents.

Advantages of Critical Illness Cover

Here, we list some of the benefits of buying a critical illness health insurance cover.

  1. Firstly, all of us need to stay financially protected. Imagine the condition of a medical emergency, and instead of focussing on getting the best treatment, you have to arrange funds. It can be overwhelming for the people who suffer serious ailments to suffer financial crisis along with emotional distress. Hence, the need for a suitable health policy cannot be undermined.
  1. Since the costs of medical treatment are rising, it is a must for all to get a critical illness cover. Even if you belong to a high-income group, having critical insurance cover will always support you and give you financial confidence.
  1. A critical illness cover offers maximum coverage for fulfilling various medical expenses for as many as thirty or more critical illnesses. This kind of health policy ensures quality medical care, the best hospital, and hassle-free treatment.
  1. This insurance coverage does not only keep you secure for expensive medical procedures, but it also covers medical expenses beyond hospitalization.
  1. As a critical illness policy insured, you will also get a cashless claim facility at many big and small hospitals. So, you don’t have to go through the trouble of reimbursement and arranging the cash.
  1. One of the best benefits of critical illness cover is that you get tax savings under Section 80D.
  1. This policy not only takes care of the in-patient hospitalization cover but also pre and post hospitalization medical expenses.
  1. If you are under day care treatment, the policy keeps you protected.
  1. Some of the best insurance companies like Care Insurance provide striking features under critical illness cover such as OPD cover, cover for ICU, ambulance cover, organ donor cover, alternative treatments, annual health check-up, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy cover, and much more.

These are only some of the advantages of Critical Illness Cover. As you explore more, you will understand the policy details better and the importance of choosing the coverage. One of the crucial things to keep in mind is the importance of choosing a reliable insurance provider such as Care Health Insurance. You can rely on their services and the benefits offered to keep your future financially secure.





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