Dealing with online attacks – tips for starters

These days, there are few businesses that aren’t online. Whether you’re self employed or part of a much larger company, most businesses will have some form of online presence. For many, it will be an important part of drawing customers or making profits.

As such, it should be of no surprise to know that this can result in companies being targeted. This can be for financial information, sensitive customer data or even just to make your website unavailable. In any of these cases, it is not something you want to happen.

To this end, here’s a quick overview on what you can do to protect yourself and your company. Likewise, it helps to know what your options are should anything actually happen.

Steps to deal with online attacks

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Protection yourself first (be prepared)

The best thing you can do is to protect yourself first, rather than waiting for something to happen.

Attacks can come in many forms, from simple viruses and infections to more complicated DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that slow down your systems by overloading them. For each of these you will want some form of relevant protection.

When it comes to cyber security you have plenty of options, but testing should always be included. Testing to see what should be done to protect your valuables would prevent your company from unprecedented events. Cyber Security at NCC Group is a perfect testing tool you can use for such if need be. Rather than just offering you a basic package, this will offer actual testing to see where your system holds up and where it doesn’t – it’s finding these holes that will allow you to fill in any potential risks before someone else does.


Likewise, it helps to have a plan of action should something go wrong. If someone does gain entry there are a number of questions you will likely want answered – how did they get in? What did they take? How can I prevent this from happening again? Of course, to answer the last question you need to answer the first two.

If something should occur, the best response is to quickly look into computer forensics – a service available from NCC Group. Setting this service up will provide you with quick responses and information on anything that happens. Not only would you be able to get information on how the breach occurred but you’d be enlightened to prevent upcoming attacks like that.

Combine this with adequate protection and cyber security and you should have a multi-layered defence. This will help keep your business safe, yet the simple act of investing in protection will put many thieves and opportunists off. Sometimes it really is better to be safe than sorry.

Protecting your data has to be your number one priority because the moment the data is lost, you’d not be able to regain it back – data protection is a big headache, and taking proactive steps to guiding them away from thieves should be your next subject line.

How do you deal with online attacks? Please share your views with me.





5 responses to “Dealing with online attacks – tips for starters”

  1. Chris Avatar

    I think that the first thing to do is preventing the attacks, although no matter what you try, there will be someone which will eventually hack the system.

    But the best things to do in order to prevent such attacks are:
    – Using a good firewall
    – Updating the anti-virus regularly
    – Scanning all the emails and the downloaded files
    – Performing regular scans for your PC

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks Chris for adding your voice to the conversation. I really prefer your outlined step by steps for our readers. Keep it up.

  2. john cruzer Avatar
    john cruzer

    Hackers are gettting data and changing it. So need to create strong layers to protect data. You have lots of options available to protect data.


    Very good post. I got a lot out of it. As a victim of identity theft, I am very much aware of the problems that can occur. This post was very helpful. Thanks.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I’m happy to have shared helpful information with you Steven.

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