Dear Steve Jobs: A Personal Letter From a Mother on How Steve Jobs Influenced her Son

Dear Steve Jobs – A Personal Letter

Steve Jobs will no more be around us as a human being anymore, but his works will still remain to speak for him after his death, that is what makes a mother to write a personal letter to patch to let the editor know how Steve Paul Jobs, the formal Apple CEO and Co-founder influenced her son positively.

The woman told the editor of the blog that she does not wrote the letter for new purpose or any other thing else but to let people share from what she experienced from having an encounter with Steve Jobs when he was still alive.

She claimed that she had received a letter of encouragement from the formal one-time Apple CEO and even go further saying, that Steve helped her son, Leon. The boy was born on the same year Apple was started then, making it thirty years of age now.

She said, “This is not a suggestion or news tips as many used to do. It is just a personal remembrance of Steve Jobs, from when first Apple Macintosh were sold in the US and Canada.” She was referring to all the Macintosh(es) of that time.

“As soon as they were for sale my son Leon (born May 9, 1977, about the same age as Apple) mounted a relentless campaign about how “I” desperately needed one—which of course I “could” share with him and his younger sister for homework and such.”

Picture of Leon when he was still young and current pictures.

Leon Cogan, attended Collingwood School in the West Vancouver, British Columbia, was a boy when he sent to Steve Jobs the animation he created with the HyperCard. Credit Courtesy Mercedes Duran-Cogan

It is good to be nice to people so that when we die people can say good thing about us. Share your own comments below about how Steve Jobs influenced you.


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