How to Design your own Bumper Stickers and Order Bulk Printing

Bumper sticker is very good way of marketing your business offline, imagine if all vehicles in the whole city carries your brand, you are on your way to stardom. Well designed stickers have proven to be very effective and make people easily know about your business existence.

Everywhere the vehicle goes, it carries your brand. The most beautiful thing about that is that no one takes money to stick your advert on vehicle bumpers, so it remains a very effective yet free way of making adverts.

How to design Bumper Stickers with ease

Printing stickers has been made easy, you don’t really need a professional to do that for you, apart from using the paint or Photoshop to design your bumper stickers, many online contractors has a platform where you can customize your design free of charge and make print order. Bumper stickers are pretty very cheap but varies based on quality and quantity, the more the quantity, the lesser the price.

How to make your own bulk Bumper Stickers 

Get an idea or concept 

You know the nature of your business or organization, look deeply into the reason why you want to get the sticker printed and your targeted audience, this will give you an inspiration on what should be on the glossy paper. Try to make something simpler and determine the size you would like. Since you will like people to see from afar, the letters must not be too small.

Try to make something a little funny with a simple phrase or slogan, and make sure everyone gets an idea of the message you are passing across. See Ford’s slogan sample below:

“What makes it Ford? What makes it stand out?”

“Built Ford Tough”

“Go Further”

Bumper stickers sketches on a Car

Sketch your design

After getting a full idea of what you want to print on your bumper sticker, take another time to think on how it should look; the color, the graphics, the word text and the font you will like to use. Use designer text but make sure it is clear that even people afar off can read.

Locate a print company

There are a lot of bumper sticker print companies on the web, Google and other engines will help you fish them out or visit here, most of them offer some tools on their platform in which you can carry out your design, or you just simply use paint or Photoshop and submit to them.

How to get the best printing company depends solely on your expertise and research, there is price factor, delivery factor, minimum order quantity, quality of materials offered and other technical conditions that apply. You will get all details on their websites. Consider about two to three of them, and choose the one that best satisfies your condition.

Use fewer color to save on cost, the material used by the company will affect durability and look of the sticker, so you have to make your decision on that.

Finalize design and Submit

Most printers has specific requirement, make sure you follow the specifications before submitting for final review by the printing company, they will offer some finishing touches and send you a printed copy for review, this copy is called “Proof.”

Place your order

After you are satisfied with the proof, you can now place your bulk order for the bumper sticker. The printer has given you enough review and refund won’t be made if you discover any other issue, make sure you make all changes before submitting the proof copy.

Your sticker is ready, and it is time to stick your brand to the whole bumper in the city.

Wow! So easy and cheaper steps for you to advertise your products and services to the market and the part of the world for as cheap as possible. Do you think you have something more to add to this steps, to better help people take advantage of bumper stickers? Please share them below.






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  1. Franky Avatar

    Agreed, bumper sticker is an interesting way of marketing business offline!! I totally like the versatile ideas so far provided here about this concept. I’m planning to make some stickers of my small restaurant business and will install it on my cars. This will promote my restaurant features nicely. Thanks buddy. 🙂

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Hi Franky,
      Thanks for appreciating these great ideas.

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