Desktop Users vs Mobile Users: The Shopping Experience Scaling

It’s no surprise that there has been a tremendous, continuous growth with the way mobile phone users engage in online shopping as it is easier to shop on the go. You no longer have to wait till you sit in front of desktop computers before you can shop online. In fact, it can be rigid sometimes especially when you can’t move your desktop around as easily as you do your mobile phones. Surely, most e-commerce websites have realized this while others haven’t.

To Maximize Your Online Marketing Output, Should You Focus on Mobile Users or Desktop Users?

Desktop Users vs Mobile Users - Shopping Experience - How to maximize mobile users traffic
There are several (in fact, numerous) advantages the mobile users have over the desktop users. But in actual sense, are mobile users more valuable than desktop users? | CC:- Techndustries Media

I have had the opportunity to check out some shopping websites and their mobile version is a big turn off. This in turn, will definitely affect their gross orders because it is safer to save more when orders come from mobile users than desktop users.

For a top e-commerce website, say Jumia Market, they sure do realize the importance of mobile shopping. Not only is their mobile site responsive; they also have the mobile shopping app to back it up which is available on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. There is no doubt when I say that it is much easier to shop with mobile phones than desktops.

There are several advantages the mobile users have over the desktop users. First of all, you can shop anytime, any day, and anywhere that is, no matter where you are, as long as you are connect to the internet. Also, you have the benefit of the flash sales marketing strategy which is usually done by shopping sites, you sure don’t want to miss it. I could recount my experience in 2012, Aliexpress had its Black Friday flash sale. During the Black Friday flash sale period and the Cyber Monday, I was able to cart-away wide range of gadgets, jackets, and foot-wares. The fact is, they are excellent and top quality products; they are indeed real value for my money at such a run-away price!

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With your mobile devices, you can easily order these discounted products once they are available. Just like the name “flash”, don’t expect the deal to be open for long because they come with massive discounts.

According to global reports about mobile users and desktop users, it is a known fact that mobile users far outnumbers desktop users. Therefore, it is wise for e-commerce sites to target mobile users more by making sure all the required mobile problems are fixed in order for their users to enjoy shopping on their website. In Chirag Kulkarni’s article titled “How Mobile Technologies Are Innovating The On-Site Retail Experience”, he delved more on the reasons behind the sudden rise of mobile purchase on some e-commerce websites than desktop based and why this would continue for the next centuries. It is just a matter of time before the total shift from desktop to mobile takes its full course.

Since the past two years, even Google released that there are more search queries coming from mobile users than desktop users. Mobile phones have changed the world. For anyone thinking of an online business, make sure not to leave out the mobile users because there will be more traffic from the mobile devices. Also, when planning how to release newsletters, emails, text messages, all these marketing strategies should be aimed at reaching a large audience of mobile users. The future is therefore in mobile technology.






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