Differences between Facebook and Google Plus

You wanna know the differences between facebook and google+ social networking sites? Then check this simple to understand picture. Google plus is the new social networking site in town as now. It offers users more features that are not mostly available on Facebook. It is a promising social networking site. It is owned by Google Inc., the search engine giant. Facebook on the other hand is now known as the number on social networking site and it is followed by twitter. Facebook is ranked among the top most visited website in the world standing at number two next to google.com and eight places ahead of twitter.

With this infograph, you will be able to know exactly what are the difference between facebook and google+.

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    How Do I Find Out My Debts Mindy_Price

    Is there a way to forward an article to a friend? Thanks.

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      I will add the button to the site now. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

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    Ariel Antonetti

    You have brought up a very excellent points , appreciate it for the post.

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