Top 10 Digital Signage Softwares You Can Use for Free

Do you need digital signage softwares?

Digital signage is an effective way of promoting your brand. However, it can be a challenge trying to find the right fit for you and your needs. Here are the list of top ten free digital signage softwares you can either try out or download in full for free:

Digital Signage board showcasing a blue screen with tiny ads

Top 10 Free Digital Signage Softwares You Can’t Afford Missing Out On

10. FireCast

Whether you own a start-up or a big network of business, this platform has a solution for you. FireCast Easy is perfect for smaller signage projects like touch screen kiosks, menu boards, and video walls. On the other hand, FireCast Enterprise is for larger networked projects like digital signs, and interactive kiosk. Both have built-in ready-to-use templates for users with zero graphic skills. Check out the free trials offered in their website.

Firecast website is here:

9. StrandVision

This digital signage software uses a web-based approach and delivers content directly to subscribers’ screens. This program lets you quickly send text messages and graphics like video content, advertisements, and national and local weather and news.

The company website offers a test drive and a free trial subscription.


RYARC is a digital signage software that has a lot of advanced features. This program is interactive with a touch screen, blue tooth, and face-recognition driven media. It lets you load and manage content to any of your devices from your desktop.  You can schedule images, video, web content, high definition video, cable TV, and flash.

If you want to see if this digital signage software will fit your business needs, give their 30 day trial a spin.

Test RYARC here:

A Digital Signage for Samsung

7.  OpenSplash

OpenSplash is digital signage software that offers very basic features which include full screen back to back video, flash or static content, and simple split screen layouts. This software is free, multi-platform, and open source. It can run on Linux, Windows, Android, and Mac OSX. It does not have a CMS though which means it’s not a complete solution.

Check it here:

6.  Concerto

This is another digital signage software option that is open source. This software has the basic functions of most digital signage software but unlike other programs, Concerto is designed more for sharing information across communities like towns and universities. This is currently in use in campuses to advertise lectures, student activities, seminars, and course offerings.

Visit the website:

5.  MediaSignage

MediaSignage is a software that lets you create a presentation on your PC and push it to different screens for your customers to see.  This program displays a detailed map and color-coded status of each of your devices. Best of all, it’s open source so it’s 100% free, and you can tweak and customize it as much as you want.

Go to Media Signage here:

4.  Digital Recall

This program allows you to create different schedules for each monitor and use popular file formats. It can only display content for up to 20 monitors, but this should be enough for small projects.

While the software is free forever, you’ll need to fork out extra cash if you want some additional features.


Scala Digital Signage Network at Larnaca Airport showing Eurofast Global

3. Rise Visions

This is one of the best digital signage software in the web. It is free, open source, has numerous public API’s, and uses html. This software has a ton of really great features like click events (think touch screen) and an alerts system that works with 3rd party providers. The company also boasts of the Google Gadget API and an active community that you can consult any time.

If you are a fan of open source and can code with HTML, then this program is perfect for you.

2.  Xibo

Xibo is another great open source and mature digital signage software. This program is centrally managed via a web panel and can be used over a local network or through the Internet to one or more clients. With Xibo, you can create and manage multiple layouts, content media, and schedules from multiple locations. It runs on Windows, Ubuntu, and Android.

Does it sound daunting?  Its developers assure that it is easy to use and that its community is very willing to help.

Go to their website here:

1. Vodigi

Vodigi is one of the best free digital signage software you can find. It is easy to understand, easy to use, and there is a solid support system. The highlights of this software include their player application which lets you create and control content, an administration site where you can view all the information you need including reports, and open source architecture that is extremely flexible and customizable.

Remember that the best free digital signage software you choose should match your skills and meet your specific needs. When you find the perfect fit for you, do get back to us and tell us all about it.

There are many good signage software that are useful which are good as to save time and to work professionally. Check more of these softwares from and help increase your business.

Have you used any other free digital signage services before that are different from the ones mentioned above? Please let us know why you’d vouch for them and what makes them your fav.





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    Thanks for featuring our Digital Recall Software at no. 4 above. Just a quick correction to your statement above that “it can only display content for up to 20 monitors” – In fact you CAN have many more than 20 Player PC’s communicating with the Manager PC. We have users with hundreds of Player PC’s. Please therefore ignore the above “limitation”.
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    Hi Olawale,

    Just a quick note, the third picture in the content above is none of the applications you mentioned above. That is one of AirMedia’s digital frames at one of the airports in China.

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