How to Embark on a Digital Transformation Project

Many companies are now facing the challenge of the digital age. To succeed in the marketplace, enterprises are not only having to adapt to new technologies, but change the mindset of individuals throughout the business, which might be no easy feat.

A Digital Roadmap

While the CEO might be more than happy to embark with a digital transformation project, the mid-level management team might be less open to the new strategy. However, you must have every individual on-board to create a strong business model.

Roadmap Towards a Successful Digital Transformation Project

Digital Roadmap - Digital Transformation Project
Digital Roadmap – How to initiate a Digital Transformation Project for your company by carrying every team members along with the new technological developments. Many companies are facing the challenges of the digital age. But getting it solved has to do with the ability to identify and map out the winning strategy for the team as a whole.

A digital roadmap may therefore be the answer you have been looking for, as it will clearly map out a plan of action for the whole team. By creating digital transformation targets, employees will view the strategy as more of a deadline, allowing them to gradually embrace a new digital age and, therefore, a more technological mindset.

Twenty years or so ago, some companies could not fathom why they would require a website, especially if their business was doing well and they had a strong media team. Nowadays, you would become suspicious of a company if you failed to create a website. So, in five to ten years’ time, others might become suspicious of a company if they do not have a digital strategy.

Gather Evidence

Before you run away with a digital transformation strategy, take a step back to assess where your company is at right now.

The best way to do so is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the company’s digital strengths or weaknesses?
  • What are my direct and indirect competitors doing that my company is not?
  • What technological advancements can we expect in the future?
  • What would the customer like?

It is time to do-away with traditional modes of communication and start looking at ways to communicate with potential customers on a digital platform. Remember, audiences are now more active than they ever have been, so they will not accept information at face value anymore. For example, they would much rather make an informed decision on a service by reading a review over picking up a paper brochure. You must adapt to the changes in your industry or it really will change without you.

Create Company Objectives

Digital transformation should work for your company, not the other way around. You must therefore identify your company objectives, if you haven’t already, to create a new business model that will drive an enterprise into the future.

For example, if you run a coffee shop, you should consider offering customers with free Wi-Fi to encourage footfall. Not offering mobile payments? Well, that could result in a lot of customers walking out the door and heading to a competitor who does.

You must identify the customers’ needs and the benefit the changes will have on a business. Once you have done so, it will be easier to promote the objective and outcome to stakeholders. All that will be left to do is test the strategy before pushing it out on a permanent basis. Speak to Bizagi to help you get started.

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