Wanted to Start Discount Coupon Sites? Here are Factors to consider

Discount coupon sites are becoming an increasingly popular way of making money online. Such sites offer several advantages. Customers save cash on their purchases and webmasters make money from the commissions paid. Retailers also benefit from coupon sites. Discount vouchers come in handy especially when old stock needs to be cleared to make way for new stock.

Ideas for starting coupon sites from scratch

Here are some ideas for anyone who wants to start a coupon site, they should focus on any of these areas:

Children and babies goods

The world’s population is growing at an amazing rate. Every day, thousands of babies are being born all over the world. This means that there is always a high demand for children and babies goods. Since most parents would be looking for ways of saving money on their purchases, you can make handsome profits by starting a coupon site which offers such goods.

It is advisable not to focus on expensive goods such as car seats, strollers and buggies. Though they pay a good commission, not many families can afford them. Instead, focus our efforts on small things such as baby clothes. As a child grows, it is obvious that they will need bigger clothes. This means that there will be an endless demand for clothes for children of all ages.discount coupon sites

Home entertainment

The marketplace is flooded with numerous sites promoting items such as home cinemas and LCD TVs. Though the returns are great in such markets, there is very fierce competition. Therefore, instead of going for expensive item such as televisions, you could focus on accessories.


Groceries is a very lucrative market which is rarely promoted. Most people have very busy schedules and rarely have the time to shop for groceries. Therefore, you can start a coupon site which not only gives discounts on groceries, but also offers free delivery. These are just a few ideas of the coupon sites that you could start. The same principles can be applied to many other niches.

Where do you get coupons?

The best places to get coupons and discounts are affiliate networks. Some of the leading networks include Affiliate Window and Commission Junction. These networks offer regular updates of their discounts and coupons at no cost. It is advisable to sign up with several networks. This will enable you to remain in business when one network collapses or adopts policies which are unfavorable.

Shared hosting or dedicated hosting?

When looking for hosting for your coupon site, you should decide what kind of hosting would be appropriate for your needs. Initially, you are not likely to receive much traffic on your site. It would therefore be advisable to go for shared hosting. As your site grows and traffic increases, you could then consider a dedicated server.

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