How to Display All Social Media Profiles In Sliding Tabs

Of recent, Google announced that social media engagement will be among some of the factors that affect how a website is being able to rank well on Google and for page rank purposes too.

Social Media Tabs is a powerful WordPress plugin that performs the work of many more other plugins as a whole. It can enables you to add most of your social media profiles tabs for online presence right in one place on your site. You don’t have to be worry of browser and website server request anymore since you are using one single plugin for a task that many plugins numbering to five can do.

Presently, this plugins allows users to create only five tabs of social profile engagement tabs including Twitter, Facebook, RSS, YouTube and Google+ and more are still in the making.

How to Configure The Plugin Settings

Twitter:– Select and un-select what and what you don’t want to show in your timeline replies and some other things of such.

Icons:– The social icons are the default social icons and you can change it if you don’t want to show the default social icons on your site. It has an option that let you to choose any social media icon images from around the internet that you can use. You can use anything that matches you blog or website templates.

Google Plus:– With this feature, you can show your Google+ social activities in that box provided. You can also show the statistics of how many people that are following you and the number of those you are following too, the service which is provided by

Slider Widget Settings:- You can tell the plugin to show your site either by using the float option or by using the static option instead. The two option can work on your site and can also helps you to save more server request time and some other things like that.

Customizing the slider tab:–  You can change the size of each options in the settings area of the plugin. Everything you want is loaded there for you!

How to Download the Social Media Tabs?

Check out the plugin from your site Add New Plugin page ). Then enter the name of the plugin and immediately, you will be able to install it into your WordPress blog. But, if you want manually download and install the plugin, you can get it via this download link.

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