Domain Names Hack: 5 Trends To Consider When Domaining

Just as there are lots of ways to make and lose money in the stock market, there are also lots of opportunities to make and lose money when buying and selling domain names. Sometimes you get lucky and score a big win, but oftentimes you end up sitting on a domain name without a buyer to dump it off to. If you want to make money the key is watching for specific domain trends

that might help you determine whether the domain has a good potential or not.  It’s not an exact science, and of course, there is no guarantee of success, but watching for trends in domain names can help you sift the winners from the losers.

Trends in domain names search business

Domain names Trends solution

1. Marijuana Domains

Believe it or not, if you buy a domain name with the word “marijuana” in it, the domain might just reign in a pretty profit for you. While you may hesitate to purchase anything that might put your values in question, many people truly believe marijuana will become legalized one day. The medicinal properties may not be something you believe in, but the domain name can be, especially if someone else wants to pay you dearly for it.

2. Numeric Domains

Not many people are inclined to purchase a domain name that is merely four random numbers followed by .com, but the truth is that numeric domains can have some real value. Frank Schilling, an avid Internet investor, and holder of the most privately held domain names portfolio in the world is an advocate for the purchase of numeric domains.

He suggests that because only “999 three number .com’s and 9999 four number .com’s” exist mathematically, their intrinsic value is high.

In addition to relatively low numeric domain combinations, he also maintains that Chinese companies are literally rushing to buy domains like these. Numeric domains break all language barriers and provide a way for international recognition. Schilling also states that when many number combinations are “read aloud,” they “sound like words” in different foreign languages.

3. LNN.coms

These are letter and number combinations, and there are only 2,673 mathematical possibilities with these. They are short, easy to remember, and it’s quite possible that they would be a company’s name. When you go to buy these notice how expensive they are, usually in the $250-300 range, but it’s pretty easy to sell them for $400-500 on Sedo.  If you can find a domain that is an, it might be worth your while to buy it.

Life of a Domainer - How domain name big guys does it perfectly


While there may be no scientific data to support this notion; Google seems to like domains that possess a repetitive name. would be an example of a domain. Sometimes repeating the word one time strengthens its meaning and it can make the domain seem more robust and attractive.


Google actually ranks these really well, and internet users don’t seem to mind that typing in .org rather than .com.

When you’re ready to do some serious domaining, think of purchases from a trends perspective. People buy into trends and finding domains that fit into a trend can pay off big. Each of the aforementioned trends has a fifty-fifty chance of working or not, so use caution and make some money.

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