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Donald Trump Charges American Companies to Release Job Opportunities to the Masses

Yesterday, Donald Trump – the incoming POTUS, sent mails to the American Companies and he had succeeded in his trial through this mails. As a result, he was able to keep 700 employments in Indiana  and many more exploits like that just for him to kick off the unemployment rate. Even though he is not yet a president, within few days, he endeavored to get the main U.S organization like the Ford Motor Co. and Carrier Corp onboard in a short time.

One of the commenters once said that he already had a tactic which showed that he would surely follow the foot-marks of the heroes such as – Teddy Roosevelt, John F Kennedy (JFK), Lyndon Johnson and so on and so forth.

I never believe that it is too late to be who you want to be to contradict some professionals who declared that his gradual strategy to save jobs for the good of his administration is too little and that it`s even too late for him to reverse in the provision of employment opportunities for the joy of the Americans.

Donald Trump effects on unemployment.
Donald Trump effects on unemployment even before resuming office is giving unemployed majority a sigh of relief.

Daniel Griswold, a professional researcher at George Marson University Mercatus Center commented that even if the Congress wanted to erect the kind of financial Berlin Wall  which had prevented the U.S organizations for the productive access location overseas, He exclaimed that they had to pass a law. He continued, adding that we shouldn’t let him fall back from his endeavor so as for him not to retreat from his good works. So it’s not because of his presidential campaign, but he already has the mind of a president – in term of risk, he is ready to take risks, in term of leadership without title, he is everywhere to be found.

The matter of the fact is that as Trump is invalidating unemployment before becoming the president, rousing the hopeless with promises that could transform American economy throughout his reign, reaching his two desired goals during the campaign-obtaining victory over the major American organizations (as big as Ford and Carrier) and others like Apple Inc.,the maker of Oreo cookies, and Mondelez International Inc., there would surely be peace during his reign without any controversy.

And as added by a representative for Mondelez, Mike Mitchell, who said that the company had spent $450 million as at 2012 to innovate domestic factories and also remained committed to investing in there U.S manufacturing network where business was very sensible to do and as from then, they sought to become more efficient, valuable and viable. Apple also made its own comment that it used to invest greatly in American jobs and modernization. And much more information would still be brought to you.

We would bring you the latest report soon…

Ifeolu Adeolu
So simple, I am an author, a journalist, a technologist, a network marketer for the best company in the world(Alliance in Motion global), a teacher, a motivational speaker, and a counsellor. I am all these by God`s special grace. You also could be more than that. Only by God`s special grace

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