Download Angry Birds Skin Pack for Windows 7

If you are an Angry Birds game fanatic, then this post is for you because I have come across a Windows Skin pack for Angry Birds users on Windows operating system.

All thanks to the developer of the popular  Angry Birds Skin Pack. With this new skin pack, you can now customize how your computer screen looks and every other thing on it without hassle – now you have power to customize your Windows 7

This Angry Birds Skin Pack does a lot of customization works by helping you in changing the look of your Windows 7 OS and other features such as changing of icons, splash screens and the log off-screen. Your Windows menu has now got a new look!

Angry Birds SpaceTo enjoy this new and great Angry Birds skin pack, all you need to do is download the Pack and install it to  change the look of your Windows 7 computer. This installer is available for both version 32 and 6 bit Windows 7 computers. So you have no excuses again.

You need to install this pack but, before you install it – in case you might wanted to go back to your formal display, you can make a restore point on your computer before installing Angry Birds Skin Pack.

Download Angry Birds Skin Pack from this link 

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