Download iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Firmware Files for all Versions of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Since the last Wednesday Apple’s official release of iOS 5.1 software, many of Techatlast followers has been asking us for the direct download link for the update, and here comes the answer.

Apple made the move to release the main version, iOS 5.1 at the San Francisco event in U.S. putting an end to the reign of the popular and previous version, iOS 5. The new iOS 5.1 software release is good news for all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

In history of Apple, the iPhone 4 scandal is still the only failure recorded in the smartphone and tablet market. This time around, I don’t think there would be any issue with the battery issue which arose along the line with the iOS 5, now that there is iOS 5.1 with more features and fixes. And with this new version, it open the way for the iOS developers to resume working on new way to break through Apple’s latest security techniques. Last year December was a good time for iOS users running A4 devices to have a nice New Year celebration with the first iOS 5 jailbreak tool releases, and it took two months to be completed by the developing team involved.

In January, there was another revolution with the help of the almighty jailbreak Dream Team, which was headed by the popular developing team, Chromic Dev Team. And the partnership really brings about a perfect solution to the challenges faced with the release of Jailbreak tool known as Absinthe.


I think this is the time for us to start expecting new jailbreak tool for cracking the new iOS 5.1 securities, but we hope that Chromic Dev Team guys would also come together this time to help us create a solution for that. If they do, we give them our total support.

Techatlast supports Chromic Dev Team if they plan to create jailbreak tool this time for the iOS 5.1 and others upcoming software versions.

Let’s get back to official business.

How to download iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Firmware for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

I have embedded below links to download the official iOS 5.1 Beta firmware for your iOS device without hassle, but, before we continue, let me quickly show you some of the change-log in this latest version.

iOS 5.1 download released

Official iOS 5.1 change-log:

  1. – Japanese language support for that is available with the Siri may be limited when it is finally released
  2. – Photos inside the Photo Stream can now be deleted easily
  3. – Camera shortcut now available on the Lock Screen for the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch (the fourth generation)
  4. – Camera face detection option can now highlights all detected faces
  5. – iPad Camera app redesigned
  6. – Genius Mixes & Genius playlists for all the iTunes Match subscribers
  7. – The audio quality of TV programs and films on the iPad is now optimized with louder and clearer sound
  8. – There’s podcast controls for the playback speed along with a 30-second rewind for iPad
  9. – The addresses bugs that are affecting the battery life have been fixed.
  10. – The bugs that concurrently caused audio to drop while making outgoing calls has been resolved.

Here are the official Apple direct download links for the iOS 5.1 directly from Apple download server:

  1. iPhone 4S
  2. iPhone 4 (GSM)
  3. iPhone 4 (CDMA)
  4. iPhone 3GS
  5. iPad 3 Wi-Fi
  6. iPad 3 GSM
  7. iPad 3 CDMA
  8. iPad 2 Wi-Fi
  9. iPad 2 GSM
  10. iPad 2 CDMA
  11. iPad
  12. iPod touch 3G
  13. iPod touch 4G
  14. Apple TV 2G (5.0)
  15. Apple TV 3G (5.0)

For those of you running the iOS 5.x.x, you can get this new iOS update via an Over-the-Air (OTA) method. And getting the update feature is a kind simple as well because you can just do that from the Settings section of your iOS device like this: Settings>>General>>Software Update and then follow the on-screen instructions to do the rest.





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