11 Tools to Download Youtube Videos + How to Convert Videos To Playable File On Your PC & Phone

As we all know that Youtube is presently, the best and most reliable video sharing website on the internet at this moment. It even holds the record, second largest search engine on the internet.

Youtube is ranked among the top ten most visited websites in the whole world behind leaders Facebook, Twitter and Google. It is the largest video sharing network on the globe. And it is the right place for anyone who’d love to watch or download their favourite art videos from the internet.

If anything happens somewhere around the world, Youtube would be the first place to get the content. It is very certain that you can watch any event as they happen free of charge on Youtube.

But, watching video on Youtube usually takes hell lot of time, especially when your internet connection is very slow.

How would you feel if you can easily download youtube videos to later watch them?

Where Can I Download Youtube Videos Online?

There are many online web services that allows internet users to download youtube videos on their platform. But, apart from just allowing you to download youtube videos, many of them have additional features that can be more useful in converting those videos to mobile phone and computer playable format.

Here are the sites where you can download youtube videos to your PC for later playing

1. ConvertYouTubeVideo.org

This website allow you to download your favourite youtube video to your computer easily with some additional features. Go to the site to enjoy the features.

2. TubeKeeper.com

This is also another website that works almost the same way like convertyoutubevideo.org because you only need to input your youtube video url and download the file immediately.

3. KeepVid.com

This is a service that allows internet users to download youtube videos on their platform easily, you only required to enter the the youtube video link and you will be able to download your file back unto your computer memory for future use.

You have two options that you can use to download video from keepvid, you can either download the video with low quality or high quality, it depends on the quality that you want.

4. Zamzar.com

On Zamzar, you can download youtube videos to your computer, and also, if you want to convert them, you can do that before you download it to the computer without the need to download additional video converter.

5. KCoolOnline.com

This is one of the best in this regards because it supports over 200 online video portals including Youtube. It works in a superb way, with this website, you don’t need to limit your video download to only youtube, you can as well download videos from other website at the same time.


This website is stuffed with lots of useful information apart from the video you can download from there, it will also show the lists of videos that some other people worldwide have downloaded on their website. That feature alone makes it looks like an encyclopaedia of media files. And above all, all the files can be downloaded in MP4 and flv mode.

7. Ovget.com

This website allows users to download youtube videos in the original flv video file format and it also enable you to save it in mp4 format and some other great benefits. It also supports DaClips, NovaMov, FileBox, NowVideo, VideoWeed, Vimeo, SockShare, GorillaVid, PutLocker, Metacafe, AllMyVideos, Veoh, DivxStage, UploadC, FileNuke, VK, Facebook and many others.

8. Vidgrab.com

This website works the same way like SaveVid, you can download video with this website and also be able to download music and video files from their database because they have many other top videos all over the internet that you can download easily.

9. Vixy.net

With this website, you can download different forms of video files to your computer into any of this format 3gp, avi, mov or mp4 and others.

10. Keep-Tube.com:

Another youtube downloader that offers more additional and interesting eye opening features that will keep you busy whenever you visit the site. You can download any forms of video also from this site. To download your video from this website, you don’t even need to go to the main website, in your website browser, add keep to the url of the youtube video like this in the picture below and enter.

11. Video Getting.com

You can download your youtube video from this website in up to eight different formats with fast speed download.

Hope you enjoy my list of best youtube video downloaders? If you have any question or suggestion concerning this article, kindly drop them in the comment box below. thanks for reading.

Keepvid: A straightforward service. The user needs to paste the url of the Youtube video in the form provided on the website. Keepvid will then offer low quality and high quality downloads of the video. Works with other video portals like MySpace video or Dailymotion as well. Offers a bookmarklet which works more comfortably than copying pasting Youtube urls. keepvid

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