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DropBox Is The Future Of Internet

How would you feel if you’re to lose an important files due to hitches or malfunction of your computer? Have you ever wondered how you’d feel like if you were unable to restore your data after a computer hard disk failure? I know that you will feel troubled! But wait, that problem will be resolved soon if you can read this post to the end.

Yeah! I know that you are ready to know how you can save your computer from virus attack or disk failure. You can protect your files and other sensitive data from all forms of internet worms and computer viruses by having an online backup for it. You can do this by getting a reputable and trusted online backup company, which you can trust your data and valuable information with. It must not be company that will, in later time, sell some of your valuable information to other third-party companies for advertisement purposes or anything similar.

How Can I Know The Best Company To Trust?

You asked right!

There are many online data backup companies available to choose from but majority of them are not trustworthy while only a little percentage of them play according to the rule of the game. To know the best company that have good stuffs in store for you, a whole lot of research is required coupled with ability to follow your instincts in picking the right one, and other skills. But believe me honestly, you wouldn’t have to do that alone because that burden has been leveled down for you. Trust me!

In a matter of minutes from now, you will be backing up your data onto one of the most popular and free data backup company in the world. I have a company that I wanted to introduce to you so that you can be able to save your online data and the name of the company is called DropBox.

DropBox is an online data backup company that provides free data storage features for their customers. They have three different features, one for free users, another for paid members, while the last one is for organizations and small businesses.

DropBox lets you store your life in the cloud for easy accessibility

DropBox Free Users

You get 2GB data backup spaces to save your file and many other things, but you need to register and install their desktop folder where you will be saving the files to before they’ll be able to give you the 2GB space. It doesn’t stop there, as you continue to use the service, they believe that you too can bring your friends onboard, to enjoy their service, and in returns they will give you additional 25oMB space to add to your normal 2GB. Continuously, you can add more space till you reach 8GB storage space through invites alone. There is no limit until you reach 8GB and at that time you can now upgrade to paid version.

DropBox Paid Users

As a paid user of Dropbox, you get more features better than the free version, and the picture below show you what you will get as a paid user.Dropbox Is the Future of Cloud Storage

To Get More Spaces on your DropBox account

If you’re like me, who would love to stay free by all means, you can stay with the free version of the DropBox service until it reaches the bandwidth limit, this one is for you. You can start referring your friend and relatives to this awesome service in exchange for more bandwidth space on your dropbox account.

Any time you refer someone, you will get additional storage space of 250MB every time one of your friend or relatives register and download dropbox app for computer or mobile. To do this you can edit message like I did below, and add your link with it (you will get your referrer link in your admin area under the ‘sharing option’)

Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! https://db.tt/P7XW6kw (remember that you can change this link to your own link).

In case you didn’t get it right, you can drop your comments in the box below. I will be very much happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

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