Top E-Commerce Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

It’s 2020, and the way people shop online is dramatically changing. Hence, the e-commerce industry is all set to experience rapid growth and some major changes. In this modern age, e-commerce is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of people. In addition to that, this industry has proved to make shopping easier and more hassle-free for modern-day customers. As a business owner, if you are more inclined towards embracing e-commerce marketing strategies, then now is the perfect time to get started.

If you take your e-commerce business to a whole new level, then you should implement the emerging e-commerce trends of 2020.

E-Commerce Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Top E-commerce Trends to Look Forward to in 2020
It’s 2020, and the way people shop online is changing but you can implement these top e-commerce trends for 2020 to achieve steady growth in your online store.

Online Shopping Is Here to Stay

Let’s be honest that in the past, we have seen immense growth in e-commerce sales. It would not be wrong to say that the most trusted and popular online activities are arguably online shopping. According to research, sales are expected to rise to 4.5 trillion in 2021. That’s, without a doubt, a massive figure.

Albeit the fact that online shopping is considered to be one of the most popular online activities, its usage varies by region. As the popularity of online shopping stores continues to increase, a large number of people are turning to e-commerce stores – it is evident of these latest e-commerce trends.

The constant increase in the usage of online stores is due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that it allows online shoppers to shop whatever they want without even leaving the comfort of their oh-so-cozy couch. Due to enhanced website experience, more online buyers have started to trust the products and services offered by e-commerce stores. There was a time when people used to be hesitant to purchase things from online platforms, but that is no longer the case. The entire focus of e-commerce businesses is to create websites that are more customer-friendly. With all the comfort that is provided, it is no exaggeration to say that online sales growth is becoming unstoppable.

Augmented Reality Will Enhance the Reality of Online Shopping.

Needless to say, there are countless benefits to shopping online. Not only can you save yourself from the hassle of driving all the way to the marketplace but you can also save time visiting multiple physical stores. With benefits like online research, price check in the privacy of your home, and the convenience of browsing through a variety of products right from your home, you can enjoy the entire shopping experience.

While you can enjoy countless benefits of online shopping, there is still one downside to it: when you access the products, you can neither feel the product nor see how it looks on your body or in your home. But with the help of AR, it is now possible to visualize the product in your life.

There is a furniture brand named Burrow that is already taking advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) to make their customers visualize how their couches or sofas will fit in their living rooms. Surely, the customers would need to be connected to high-speed internet to make the most of this feature. AR is one of the top e-commerce trends you must not joke with.

Voice Search Will Be on the Rise

According to Loop Ventures, by the end of 2025, over 75% of the U.S. households will have a smart speaker. In this age, people are constantly dependent on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to look for different things online. They rely on these voice assistants to check the weather or look for meaning online.

As an e-commerce store owner, you should be aware of the fact that voice shopping is still in its early stages. This means that it is more likely to become increasingly popular in the years to come.

Since voice shopping is a non-visual experience, so the customers need to describe what they are in search of to find exactly the same product they want. It goes without saying that voice shopping is primarily used by customers as a sales channel. This means that they would rather leverage the voice search feature once they have made up their mind about buying a certain product than using it as a browsing experience to research what they actually want to purchase.

Generally, the products that are purchased products through voice search are low-value products and include categories such as low-cost electronics, food items, and homeware products. Since voice shopping is already on the rise, the business owners should consider taking note so that they can manage to provide customers with the comfort that they are looking for while purchasing products from their platform.

Wrapping Up

With the increasing innovation in technology and changes in consumer behavior, as a business owner, you should consider keeping an eye out for all e-commerce trends in 2020. No matter which e-commerce trend you choose to adopt for your business, make sure that you do it with the primary aim of enhancing the entire shopping experience of your existing and potential customers. This is how you can develop a long-lasting relationship with them. By benefiting from these e-commerce trends, you can surely achieve the steady growth of your online store.

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