How To Easily Root Amazon Kindle, Any Software Version

How To Easily Root Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Fire update was released on 2oth of this month, Dec. 2011 which is the software version 6.2.1 – Amazon released it to help the scrolling and the Wi-Fi password issues but it results into devastating situation when the software broked all the previous methods of rooting on the device.

And after this issue, android hackers like Justin Case and couple of others such as Vashypooh, Trevor Eckhart, and IOMoster went through some nights of coding in order to get a new method of rooting the Kindle Fire – and the new method works on all the current known versions of the Kindle Fire’s OS.


For rooting your Kindle, you need to have a ADB working perfectly on your computer. And after that, the follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download the jcase Kindle Fire root app from here.
  2. Run the root app and click “Root.”
  3. And on your Computer, open the command prompt and type “adb root.”
  4. On your browser, download the Superuser and unzip it.
  5. And type the following into the command prompt that you’ve opened earlier on:
“adb remount
adb push su /system/xbin/su
adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su
adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su
adb install
adb reboot”.

And start enjoying your Kindle Fire!

This everything you needed to know about rooting Amazon Kindle Fire of all software versions.

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