How to Grow Your eCommerce Business with LinkedIn

It will be quite some time before LinkedIn rivals Facebook’s massive user base, but it’s growing at a tremendous rates. More importantly, LinkedIn’s growth focuses primarily around business and entrepreneurship, making it an excellent option for eCommerce store startups.

LinkedIn does not function in precisely the same way as other social media platforms. It’s important for you to understand how this can help you so that you can make the most of it. Here’s how you can start using LinkedIn to increase your eCommerce store’s credibility and authority.

Stratagem for Growing eCommerce Business on LinkedInLinkedIn role in eCommerce growth

LinkedIn Endorsements Rocks

LinkedIn puts a face on people in a business. You should keep both an eCommerce store account and a personal account. Just make sure to connect the two without duplicating the content. The reason that you want to do this is to make sure that it’s clear your business has a face. Additionally, the endorsements section allows you to demonstrate the areas that you as an individual and your business specialize in. This allows you to further develop the specialization whether it’s in art website templates or cruelty free chocolate.

Obviously, you don’t want to overdo the endorsements by putting up things that you can’t substantiate. Since other people confirm the endorsements and give them, you help establish your credibility. Recommendations take this a step farther. Promote the best ones. You can even use some of them on your official website.

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LinkedIn remains the go to social networking site for young professionals and entrepreneurs. You can expect to find all kinds of like-minded people as well as potential leads. Your eCommerce business will grow based not only on sales but on the people whom you meet. You can take this a long way by reaching out to other experts and members of the industry. Participate in discussions, share articles, and be courteous at all times. If you find a contact that you particularly appreciate and admire, then take the time to extend an invitation for a guest post. This can help to expand your customer base and viewer base.

Don’t forget the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature. This feature allows you to see who has checked out your business page and your personal page. Premium users gain access to all of that information, but you can see the last few if you have not signed up for that service. Take the time to evaluate these leads. You can quickly determine whether someone is a potential customer or competition checking you out. If it looks like a potential customer, extend a friendly greeting.

Update Content Regularly

You can take your LinkedIn profile even further by regularly updating your profile headers and keywords. Include content and information about your eCommerce store. While a content marketing campaign does not generally focus on LinkedIn, it’s still a good place to post information. You are just as likely to make a good impression on experts who may want to invest in your business as you are to contact new customers. Just make sure that the content is quality content and that it will make a good impression.

LinkedIn is a good platform to create good brand awareness, particularly when it is ecommerce business, because there are countless number of business-minded, vision and goal-oriented personalities there waiting to know about your services. Just locate and connect them for better exposure!

What are the working techniques that you are using for getting results from your LinkedIn marketing efforts?

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