Cloud storage brings the right solutions for your emails

Email storage capacity has mushroomed in recent years, with the big providers claiming to offer ‘unlimited’ space to consumers. The idea of limitless storage space for emails is a fallacy as the capacity is located on a hard drive which has its space limits! However, as so few of us use more than one fifth of our email capacity, the idea that we have unlimited space at our disposal has a ring of truth. It’s all relative!

Cloud Email host, Why should you move your email to the cloud?

When it comes to companies and organisations however, volume requirements are very real, as is the security of their electronic communications. This is where email storage and online cloud storage play an indispensable role.

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Expert services

So important is the storage of email data for commercial and governmental organisations that it is best to secure the advice and services of a professional provider company such as Mimecast. Just think about all of the information that travels around the world in the billions of emails sent daily. Commercial and governmental communication is bound to contain sensitive data, not just in the email body but also in the accompanying attachments. Working with the experts ensures peace of mind for the security of email correspondence.

The data cloud

With its roots in the 1960’s, the Cloud is not a new idea, but the average email user can find the concept difficult to grasp. The Cloud is a bank of scores of computers connected to the Internet, which store data. This facility has greatly increased the storage capacity and security of email correspondence for businesses and organisations through the services of a provider company which manages digital data.

The benefits of cloudy skies!

It isn’t merely security which is greatly improved through a top provider. Email storage and the filing of other digital data like documents and images are expanded through using the capacity of the Cloud. This means that vital space in on-site computer systems is also freed up for other use as staff members have easy access to material stored through an email provider in the Cloud. What’s more, a company only pays for storage which they utilise, which isn’t always the case with alternatives such as mass private archiving facilities. Additionally, maintenance is taken care of by the provider, freeing the customer of a cyber-headache!



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