Top 6 Emerging IoT Trends for 2020 and Beyond

To go into the details of IoT trends, let us first understand what IoT means. IoT is also known as the Internet of Things. In this many computing devices are connected in an interrelated manner, to transfer data among devices, over the network. 

A drastic change is expected to happen in the year 2020 for IoT technology, or the world of technology for both IoT app development companies and the user.

You will be amazed to know the drastic changes in the world of technology by IoT in 2020. Take a look. 

Top Emerging IoT Trends for 2020 (Internet of Things Trends)

IoT will be part of our day-to-day life soon. IoT devices can keep the Internet exploitation-free.

There are lots of IoT trends that will come up this year, and here are the major ones:

Top IoT Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Top IoT Trends - Emerging Internet of Things Trends for 2020

1. Big Data Convergence

IoT app development has not only changed the ways of doing business and living life, but it generates a huge amount of data. Big data platforms support the massive demand for data storage and management. It helps IoT app development company by extracting complete information. This is a new trend that we are facing and can expect it to grow soon.

IoT and big data share close bonding, and nowadays, many new devices can be selected for sharing data and information. IoT can harness the power of cloud data storage that is also capable of controlling the analytics and storage requirements of big-data junctions.

2. Edge Computing for Data Processing

One of the significant weaknesses of IoT is to add up devices that are behind the firewall of the network. It may be easier to secure a general device, but it is quite challenging to secure an IoT device. For this, we need to incorporate the security between software applications and network connections that are linked with IoT devices.

IoT devices can be cost-effective and efficient if they can process data. Self-driving vehicles and intelligent traffic lights like smart devices may require faster data processing. Edge computing is the solution to such problems that can provide faster data processing in IoT devices.

Edge computing performs well if it is used and implemented through the cloud. Fast processing may result in low latency, and that is the case in edge computing. Data processing in IoT can be implemented by combining them with edge computing and cloud. I guess this will be the icing part on some of the current IoT trends going forward. 

 3. Maximized Consumer Adoption

In the next ten years, one will see a huge change in IoT. In the coming years, consumer-based IoT implementation is expected to decrease, and industrial IoT implementation will increase. This IoT trend for infrastructure and platform will require time to evolve. Some popular industries like Swift Navigation and BetterView that are using industrial IoT will surely build IoT architecture. Due to this, in many other industries, including agriculture, telecommunication, transportation, a vivid reduction will be found in the capital expense.

4. Increase in the Demand of Smart Home

We have seen in recent developments that IoT apps and IoT app development companies have surged with the idea of smart home technology. This is to make the home more automated and interactive. In the future, people will not be directing the devices, but the devices will inform the people about the house and what they should do. 

But what we should not forget is that IoT app development companies are also facing security and fragmentation issues. This may hinder steady growth in this sector. However, in this present time and the future, IoT equipped smart homes will be a hot topic for every homeowner. This reason makes smart home introduction one of the IoT trends to look out for this year. 

5. IoT for Healthcare Adoption

Just as retailers can take the benefits of IoT capabilities, the wearable devices can also be used by the healthcare sectors. Healthcare sectors can see steady and stable development soon. In fact, this is one of the emerging IoT trends that’s going to rock the entire Healthcare industry. It is like a time bomb that is waiting to explode, with iot implementation in Healthcare, patient profiling becomes automated. 

By this, all the medical devices and equipment will become capable of storing the patient’s data and information and images for intelligent systems. No doubt that this will surely benefit the government. But we must not ignore the fact that this could also aid corruption inclined government in perpetuating crimes against its citizens with the acquired data. 

6. Auto Machine Learning or ML for Data Security

In the present days, the developers are trying to find the methods by which they can share data in a secured manner like by using blockchain-like technologies. Many of the industrial companies will start adopting IoT and machine learning model forecasts to prevent the downtime. 

Model training for machine learning is completely automated, and in the future, it will become more popular. Industrial companies will surely increase their substantial capital assets associated with IoT.

Final Words on IoT Trends for 2020

Soon, the users of the Internet of Things and IoT application development companies will see major changes in the trend of IoT technology. IoT devices will be able to harness the power of other emerging latest technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and many more. By this, not only consumers but also the industries will be able to leverage the advantages of IoT enabled devices and machines. 

These IoT trends are just a few of many things to be expectant of in the coming months, we just outlined these ones based on the data available today, the future IoT app development is already wrapped up in positivity. We just need to prepare for what’s coming, especially that disruptive technology is impacting the world positively during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic around the world. 

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