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8 Common Enterprise Cloud Computing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Enterprise cloud computing has become increasingly popular and necessary for companies and its time your company adopt it as well. But why is it that more than 80 % of the businesses are opting for cloud computing? Well the answer is simple. Cloud Computing can be used to store confidential data and also operate major applications on coded servers that are not on available offline and can be accessed any place through an active internet connection. It is also helpful for creating backups, so that you have your data available in case it is lost.

Cloud Computing costs significantly less than other IT services and it helps to regulate the workflow methods in a company. Company’s also got the advantage of flexibility for storing data. However, the cloud cannot do all of these functions on its own and as a business owner you must know what are the enterprise cloud computing mistakes you should avoid while implementing cloud in your business:

Common Enterprise Cloud Computing Mistakes & Pitfalls To Avoid

Cloud Computing - What IoT (Internet of Things) would cause in this world
IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing are two important elements of a business that’s aiming to reach the top with latest technology advancements.
And today, we would be talking about enterprise cloud computing mistakes entrepreneurs needs to avoid like a plague.

1. Failure to develop a concrete Plan:

Cloud services differ from company to company they don’t come in one uniform size which can be applied by all. As a company you also shouldn’t think that you will get a standardized package. Your IT requirements will be unique and you will have to navigate the right cloud service which will match your needs. Before searching the market for a Cloud solution, create a concrete plan which must address some key questions such as:

  • How will the company benefit from Cloud Computing?
  • What does the company want to achieve in the future (i.e. goals and priorities)?

If such decisions are taken by many people it would be best to take input from everyone in your company. Failure to create a plan could result into one of the greatest enterprise cloud computing mistakes you’d ever make as a business owner.

2. Not able to estimate the company’s bandwidth requirements:

It is important to analyze whether the current internet connection in your company can give smooth accessibility to the Cloud. The connection should be secured and reliable. In case, it doesn’t meet your requirements its best to get in touch with the service provider to discuss the need for increased bandwidth once the company fully shifts to cloud services. You would want to make sure you have enough usage limits to access to the Cloud platform.

3. Presuming the Cloud Service will back up your company data in a secured way:

One of the worst and horrifying enterprise cloud computing mistakes many firms make is to presume that Cloud service providers also backup the data. However, this is not true. When you choose a Cloud Service provider make sure they can backup your data and if not then make sure you have an arrangement to do so.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Mistakes
When it is all about cloud computing and cloud hosting, there’s nothing like presuming or assuming that your data are properly backed up online. It is one of the costliest enterprise cloud computing mistakes to avoid. The reality there is, you’ve got to set things in motion for it to work.

4. Not adhering to Privacy Laws and overlooking security:

Security of data must be the top most priority. Consult with your Cloud provider to understand how they address security threats. Check with the provider as to whether they are adhering to the Privacy laws implemented by the regulating agency. Also, you must assess their track record of maintaining security in the past and also evaluate what precautions they are taking for such future events.

5. Prioritizing cost over support of the service:

Looking at the cost is the right thing to do, you shouldn’t waste money. A good service and Cloud support system are necessary for smooth functioning of the business. That’s why opting for a cloud service which is priced competitively but also delivers is something that can boost the business in the future.

6. Not considering the cost of existing IT facilities:

Once you have fully adopted Cloud service you might feel the need to get rid of IT equipment and the best way might be to throw it or donate it. However, a more feasible option is to sell it in the Secondary market and get some money out of it. So be on the lookout for companies which deal in the Secondary market such as MarkITx and try your luck at cracking some deals.

7. Not able to implement Cloud service effectively:

It can take time to successfully implement a change and during that period there will be a lot of struggles and setbacks. This is why the company should create a blueprint for implementing the transition to cloud. Also, creating steps which the employee can follow will help them a great deal in using Cloud. Telling them about the benefits of shifting to cloud will be advantageous for them as well as the company.

8. Not having an exit strategy:

In case, the cloud service you opted for doesn’t deliver good results. Then you must have a strategy to leave the service without losing your company data. Exit strategy is very important when it comes to subscribing to a service provider and failure to would lead you into committing the gravest enterprise cloud computing mistakes that might cost your organization fortune to recover from.


Cloud computing has worked effectively for many businesses. It has proven to be highly beneficial for small firms as it saves cost, improves security and is a reliable service. So, if you are a business owner with plans to use Cloud Services, make sure to follow the guidelines to make the switch a smooth one. And we believe that by telling you about these 8 common enterprise cloud computing mistakes and how to avoid them would eventually help your business get started on the right path.

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