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4 Enterprise WordPress Hosting Perks To Skyrocket Your Business Growth

It is true that WordPress (WP) helps in powering almost 30 percent of the web. Yet, people believe that it is not more than just a blogging platform. To be candid, WP is also ideal for managing big businesses to offer powerful, flexible, and safe solutions for a range of industries. Then, you can reap the benefits of the platform if you use WP with a perfect hosting plan.

Choosing a hosting service is also not as simple as it seems. You should ask what support you would get from the hosting provider. The worst scenario is your website having downtime or email issue. That is the reason why enterprises need a credible enterprise web hosting service and it is mission-critical for entrepreneurs. Again, you need to decide whether to choose a $10 a month service or a $200 a month. It calls for research. Therefore, take some time out of your busy schedule to shop around for hosting services and solutions.

There is no assurance that a provider can prevent 100 percent of the technical glitches. However, it is ideal to hire hosting services that you can call for instant resolution without any delay. Coming back to WP hosting, it offers practical solutions for your business needs. Here are some of the top benefits of enterprise wordpress hosting solutions:

Top 4 Benefits of Enterprise WordPress Hosting Solutions

4 Enterprise WordPress Hosting Perks To Skyrocket Your Business Growth
Here are the top four benefits of using enterprise wordpress hosting solution for your small or large scale business.

Topnotch security

The crucial aspect of any online business is transaction security. It is more applicable for businesses that are soft targets of internet hackers, resulting in malicious attacks and stealing confidential customer or business data. WP protects your business website from malware attacks and brute force. Then, you would also require advanced features to ensure your website’s security.

WP offers mission-critical security to business websites and enterprises. These include server hardware and WP applications together with hosting network. It secures your enterprise website from familiar threats, rate limits access attempts, and code injection attacks. It minimizes the possibilities of DDoS attacks as well as Brute Force as mentioned earlier in this article.

When it comes to security architecture, enterprise wordpress hosting protects against spyware, key loggers, malware, Trojan horses, adware, and viruses. It helps in setting up a robust web application firewall offering protection from a range of attacks. Besides securing your mission-critical business data from unscrupulous hackers, WP hosting also helps in retaining data for a long time and recovering the same in emergencies such as server downtime or system snags.

Outstanding scalability

As an enterprise, you cannot belittle the importance of scalability, particularly if you own online business. It means how your company adapts to unexpected changes like a surge in your website traffic. Most of the times, a change in one aspect of your enterprise will affect the other. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, a rise in the number of customers may require more additional employees to answer consumer queries, which affects your recruitment numbers.

When your WordPress site gains traction, it would need extra power for seamless website performance and efficiency. Besides, WordPress Hosting collates customer information effectively. A website lacking the potential to scale smoothly is susceptible to crash, thus affecting your business adversely. Opting for the right website hosting solution will help you avoid such problems.

With WP hosting, you can set up data that will sync to the Amazon data centers, thus helping your business to manage the increased strain on your server on a universal scale.

There are more benefits to a hosting plan than you can imagine. Yes, an apt plan would help you geo-replicate website information as well as avoid expensive overloads through data distribution uniformly in various locations. WP does not house geo-replication on its own and therefore, you must opt for dedicated enterprise hosting that proves beneficial for giant corporations.

Retaining data and recovery

When you own online business, it should have the potential to retain data. Make it your top priority. Now, it is relevant owing to the regulations laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementing stringent non-compliance penalties.

When you opt for enterprise WordPress hosting, you rest assured that your business data is backed up properly. Besides, your mission-critical business information is also recoverable and recallable via advanced cloud setups. The powerful technology and the right implementation of the perfect hosting plans ensure data storage precisely.

You can benefit from regular data backups, thus keeping your business and customer information secure. You can recall the data when there is a necessity. A proper hosting plan provides clients the capability to download data files to some local PC with the help of a simple click.

Besides securing confidential client data, an enterprise-level WP hosting solution would ensure the safety of the internal system controlling all information. There is a redundancy plan to duplicate crucial system elements so that you can back up information at times of an emergency or in an event of a system failure or technical snag. These offer huge benefits to enterprises, big and small.

Unmatched customer service

No matter what hosting solution you choose, it should offer unparalleled customer service and support round-the-clock. It is more essential for enterprise hosting of online ventures. Now, that is obvious because large corporations and huge online operations mean increased and regular customer inquiries that are complex and need the perfect resolution in less time.

Your business should have the ability to respond to all queries fast and effectively. That is the reason why you need WP enterprise hosting plans to provide responses based on priority and importance, especially for users who have raised tickets based on the plan. These are typical situations in any online business because a technical snag that cannot be resolved internally would call for instant resolution by a professional to reduce the impact of the problem.

Make the most out of enterprise-level priority support through a trained and expert team that delivers ticket-oriented support throughout the day. There are options such as live chat, phone support at defined times to help troubleshoot technical problems quickly.


For successful business operation online, you need a WP hosting plan that offers exceptional benefits. It will help you take your enterprise to the next level.

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