Essential Travel Apps – 7 Essential Planning and Packing Apps for Travelers

We all travel, at least a couple of times a year. You might enjoy that classic family vacation, or you have to fly each week for business purposes. Regardless of the reason for your travels, it’s helpful to have certain tools that can help you prepare and guide your trip in a positive direction. Check out these essential planning and packing apps for the smart traveler. They can certainly keep you organized on the busiest of trips.

Essential Travel Apps for Planning Your Next Travel Events

Essential Travel Apps: Apps for planning and packing for savvy travelers
Love Traveling The World? You need to download these essential planning and packing apps for your next trip. They sure gonna be kind of handy essential travel apps you can’t just afford to miss out on. They can certainly keep you organized on the busiest of trips.


When it comes to buying airfare tickets Hopper offers you virtually endless options. Hopper is an app that breaks down the flight prices and tells you when it’s preferable to purchase that next seat. Simply tell the app about your travel dates and destination city. It then matches your information to flights and returns with some interesting information.

You won’t just receive a list of airlines and times. Hopper tells you if it’s a good time to buy those seats. The analysis might return with the prediction of a price drop occurring next week. Follow this app’s advice, and it’s possible to save up to 40 percent on your next flight.

Packing Pro

If you’ve always struggled with packing, this app will become your best friend. It gives you a checklist of every item you can imagine for that next trip, including passports, money belts, jackets and more. You will need to pay for the app, however, but it’s definitely worth the $3.

You can pick from suggested lists for common destinations, or create your own list. Every list can be saved for use on another trip too. Families and professionals with busy traveling schedules can benefit greatly from this app.


A competing app against Packing Pro is PackPoint. This app is more in depth because it asks specific questions about your travels. Maybe you’re going skiing or maybe you’re going on your first sailing trip and have no idea what to take with you – PackPoint will help you pick what you need to pack, simple as that.

Input the length of your vacation, and it tells you how many shirts, pants, and other items are necessary for a great time. The app also accesses the local weather so that you can pack that umbrella if the threat of rain is imminent.

This app also asks about your potential activities during the trip. If you plan on kayaking, you’ll want to bring your wetsuit or bathing suit. Without a packing app, these specialty items might be overlooked.


If you want a more personal tour of a popular city, download the Vayable app. Tell it which city you are visiting, and it will create a guide that’s customized to your needs. You won’t hear basic tourist information with this app because it integrates unique tips from local residents. It’s possible to find that hidden beach with this app in your pocket.

When you’re looking for an educational diversion, Vayable offers factoids from obscure resources that are incredibly interesting. You’ll come away from your trip with a greater appreciation for an area.

Around Me

This app is useful because of the basic information it offers. Allow it to pinpoint your whereabouts, and it will tell you where every local ATM, restaurant, and hotel are located. When you’re new to an area, this app can save you a lot of time and keep you safe from traveling the wrong roads.

You can technically use this app in any area that you’ve never visited before. Locals may even try the features so that they can discover a place in their neighborhood that was otherwise hidden from view.


Duolingo is the fun way of learning a new language. It’s actually one of the easiest ways to learn the basics when you’re traveling for a short period to a foreign land. Greetings, basic phrases, and objects are your focus as you use Duolingo on the go.

Try to use Duolingo a few weeks before your trip. You’ll spend at least five minutes each day on your chosen language. With a few weeks of language in your mind, you’ll have some of the basics ready to go as you hop on your flight out.


One of the worst feelings during a vacation is confusion over potential activities to take part in. Zip-lining, trekking, boating and other activities will often fill up before you even arrive at the destination. The Peek app is your chance to try an activity and book it well before the date.

Book and organize all of your excursions at your destination so that you have a schedule to look forward to during vacation. You can enjoy the user tips and reviews on the app too. Peek is designed to organize your fun with each trip.

Final Word

Every traveler will need help with their currency, bookings or languages at some point during their travels. Download some or all of these essential travel apps before your next excursion. When you get to know the apps’ features, you’ll be able to move swiftly through your travels while concentrating on the amazing sights and sounds around you.





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