The Rudiments of Web Design that Will Stay Relevant

When it comes to web design, there are a whole lot of possibilities. Web design lets the designers to go bonkers with their imagination and create something that hasn’t been seen before, only using a few tools that can really aid them to a great extent. 

Web design is an artistic endeavor that also happens to be one of the major driving forces for a variety of businesses. Companies, which bank on their websites to bring them clients, rely on intelligently designed pages of their websites if they wish to create a good impression in the minds of the potential customer.

So, while this field is very vast, there are basic ground rules that apply to each aspect of web designing and influence and dictate the trends – current and the future ones. Let’s take a look at some of the rudiments of web design that will stay relevant for as long as they can, and designers will continue adhering to them if they wish to achieve success with their business.

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A Design that’s Reactive and Compatible Will Be More Sought-After 

If you have been assuming that your colorful and glossy design will perch right at the center of all the attention, you may be off the mark – considering that is your only consideration. More than being flashy and attention grabber, your website’s design has to be responsive. If it is making your website crash on the browser of your visitor’s browser, your visitor is not likely to come back on your site after may be 3 attempts. So, this is where you need to draw back and analyze if the strategy is working for you. Having a fabulous design that crashes your website won’t take your far enough. It will only make you lose the visitors you had earned with hard-worded effort over a period of time. So, make sure your website works well with different browsers and Operating Systems before you give it a go.

Make Design Tailored to your Brand Theme 

The design should astutely depict the kind of business you are in to. If your are running an eCommerce store that sells gifts for kids, you can add as much color as you want. Your website should send out a playful vibe and should make no bones about the fact that it is for the audience who are looking to buy some fun items. Throw a lot of pink and orange around, so make sure it doesn’t look cheap.

If however, you are running a website for a corporate, you need to make it as formal and restrained as you can. Try to avoid hues like red and pink, and make way for gray tones and other subtle colors. The overall layout of the website should be such that there isn’t much clutter around, and the visitor sees a website that is clean and easy to navigate. There shouldn’t be much fiss around your design and everything should be simple enough to read and understand.

Experiment with Typography 

That should work – totally! There are a large number of typography tools out there in the blogging market. If you are running your website on WordPress, you have an array of such plugins available, installing which is a breeze. They come with simple enough instructions and using them would let you experiment with fonts on your site, as much as you want to. Particularly for the headlines, these plugins can be used to add colors or specific patterns. The subheadings can be included in different colors for your readers to make a distinction and skim through your content seamlessly.

Web design is multidimensional concept. So, let you have an extensive understanding of it before you zero in on a design roadmap for your website.





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  1. Kaushik Kathuri Avatar
    Kaushik Kathuri

    Creation of design in the website is really a big task.Because as a designer we have to go through the website way of marketing like weather it is a bank ,entertainment,personal,educational or any other website structure of the website must be relevant..Hence we also require some homework to our imaginations.

  2. Web Design Nigeria Avatar
    Web Design Nigeria

    You are right. I love websites that use creative typography.

  3. Frank Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this post.

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