Export PST to Office 365 With Manual & Automatic Approach

Nowadays, multiple number of email clients are being used by the users for their business purpose, which store their mail items in the PST file format. Some of the email applications that use PST file which is used for storing Outlook information like emails, contacts, tasks, etc. However, with the latest release of Microsoft Office 365 users wish to migrate in it. They are quite curious to experience its unique features. At the same time, users do not need to lose their existing PST data. There arises a need of resolution that can help them to export PST to Office 365 directly. In this article, we will discuss about various issues where users might face problems with PST files and the methods to upload PST email to Office 365.

Export PST to Office 365 With Manual and Automatic Approach
Export PST to Office 365 Guide: There are various issues and problems that may arose as a result of trying to export PST files to Office 365 and here we provide different methods to manually or automatically upload PST email to Office 365 hassle-free.

Issues Faced While Using Portable PST file outlook

While using Outlook data files many users have reported certain problems, which have necessitated them to export PST to Office 365, so that they are able to view the files exactly and independently. A number of queries have been reported over time, that indicates major issues while using PST outlook files. Some of the major and repeated user’s queries are described below with the help of users scenarios.

Scenarios for Migrating Outlook PST to Office 365

Issue 1: Unable to Open Directly

“Yesterday, when I was working in Outlook then, the PST file cannot be accessed directly from anywhere. I was not able to open those data items due to network issue. l have faced this complicated situation. Kindly assist me any other tool that can be helpful for accessing my data items.”

Issue 2: PST Supports Outlook Email Client

“Recently I want to view my pst files from other email client but I failed to open those files on another platform. Please provide a reliable and efficient solution to access the required data as well as export PST to office 365 without outlook.”

Issue 3: Size Limitation

“After accessing the archive folder i was not able to reduce the size of outlook pst file which creates an error. It may results in huge utilization of time and space. It becomes quite complicated. Please assist me an efficient tool which works continuously without any size restriction.”

Need to Export Emails to Microsoft Office 365

Due to the limited features in PST applications, most of the users switch from Outlook PST to Office 365. MS Office365 can access multiple utilities such as email messages, calendar, tasks and other items from anywhere. If users cannot be able to work on any other platform, users might face issues with accessing emails or other data -files. It will become more complex for users; this may result in huge utilization of time and space. Moreover, the cloud access makes it more wider to use this email application. Thus, to avoid such scenarios, we should export PST to Office 365. It is highly recommended to migrating from Outlook to Office 365.

Five Steps to Export PST to Office 365 using Outlook

After considering various shortcoming of Outlook, many users search for a reliable solution i.e. Office 365 that can be used to migrate from Outlook files to Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft’s Office 365 provides a great opportunity for businesses users to meet their needs and requirements. However, users might face an issue while accessing Portable PST Files.

The following steps to upload Outlook PST Data to Microsoft Office 365.

Pre-requisites to Export PST to Office 365 using Outlook

The following steps are required before to import pst to Office 365 using Outlook. The Import/export role adding to the Organization Management group.

  • Open Exchange Admin Centre
  • Click Permissions>>Admin Roles
  • Double Click on Organization Management
  • Click + Roles
  • Select Mailbox Import/Export
  • Click Add>>OK>> Save

Alternatively, user can create a new role group and assigned a permission to the account. The Outlook PST file need to be imported that stores on network file or file share on local system.

Step 1. Launch AzCopy.exe Network Tool

During process, a user provides a storage key and an upload the URL. To secure this key as a password not access from unauthorized person.

  • Navigate to https://protection.office.com
  • Sign in with a Global Admin account for users organization
  • Click on Data Management and then, press on Import option
  • Now, Go to the Import Service
  • Click on + symbol
  • Click on upload files over the network
  • View Popup page, click on Azure download tool
  • Click Run>>Next. Agree to EULA and press on Next tab
  • Accept the installation location by default
  • Click on Next>>Install>>Yes>>Finish

Step 2. Acquire Storage Key and Upload URL

Now, we need to upload secure key and the URL prior to the AzCopy tool can be used to upload the Outlook PST file(s) to Office 365.

  • Open the Import Data to Office 365 page that opened
  • Click the + icon
  • Click to copy the Key. Press Show URL for MS PST file
  • Again copy key and URL

Step 3. Upload the PST File(s) to Office 365

The PST files can be migrated once the AzCopy tool downloaded and installed and the secure key and URL have being acquired.

  • Open a command prompt as an admin
  • Open the directory where user installed AzCopy
  • Run the following command to start uploading the Outlook PST Files
  • AzCopy.exe /Source:\\SERVER01\PSTshare /Dest:/SERVER01/PSTshare//Destkey:/S /V:C:\PSTshare\Uploadlog.log

Step 4: Create the PST Mapping File

CSV files have been created which will map the PST file to the mailbox in Office 365 after the PST Files are uploaded into Office 365.

  1. Downloading the PST Mapping Template File from Microsoft
  2. Complete the CSV file with users specific information, filling in as many lines as needed. One line per PST file uploaded
  3. Save the PST Mapping File

Step 5: Create Office 365 for importing

Localize to https://protection.office.com and login with Global Admin account as per users Organization.

  1. Click Data Management>>Import>>Import Service
  2. Now, Click on + icon
  3. Press to Upload files over the network
  4. Mark the following credentials and Click on Next tab
  5. Now, agree the given terms and conditions. Click Finish

The status can be checked through navigating to Office 365 Admin center and again open the import option. Now, use refresh button to get back the updated status.

Monitoring the status for process completion or display an error. Click on job and to select view details that will allow users to troubleshoot the status message.

Migrate PST to Office 365 Without Outlook

After discussing several issues and users need, we can concluded with the fact that the Office 365 migration tool is a reliable exporting tool. This tool allows users to migrate PST to Office 365 for merging and loading multiple number of files on cloud at once without any trouble. Through such software, a user can easily, securely and quickly perform their migration procedure. The tool has a user-friendly interface.


After this, we have tried to cover the causes associated with viewing emails various PST supported email clients. In order to resolve the queries, an efficient approach has been suggested to migrate Outlook pst to Office 365. Users can easily migrate Outlook PST to Office 365 using Office 365 Migration tool.

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