How to Get Back Your Facebook Chat Now!

Facebook is known as a type of social networking site administered by people’s who are not so concerned about the people that are using there service but only on their selves. They believe that they can give most of the users just anything they have, they believe that they can force them to use features that those people see as irrelevant to their personal lives. Facebook team forget or can i say they neglect to ask users about what they want in their service, the thing which their rival, Google doesn’t play with every day (Google conducts lots of research everyday to know what people want in their service and they then take time to provide them easily).

Recently, facebook upgrade its chatting service to a more complicated one which gives most of its users bad experience of the chatting feature. The new feature is a plugin powered feature that can’t work without you installing the plugin extension and the other bad thing about this is that facebook will start showing you lists of friends that you mostly chat with on their platform for you even when you don’t need them to.

If you look over the internet, many people are disturbing the internet search provider, Google on daily basis on the keyword “how to get back facebook chat box”. Think of this, it shows that facebook is getting things wrong and that is one of the top reasons why Google+ is very certain to succeed than facebook once the service is fully launch.

So, you don’t like the new facebook interface because it is irritating you right? Then follow the steps below to remove the new facebook and go back to the old facebook version.

  • Download this browser extension and install it on your chrome browser and you will notice that you will start to see the old facebook chat when you start to chat.

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