Steps to Get 6000+ Facebook Friends Legally


Facebook is known as the best place for bloggers and any other businesses to get more leads for their business. You as a blogger or business person knows very well that you can get more result from your business if you don’t have good readers that are coming to your website on daily basis. For that reason, I bring to you a better way of getting more than 6,000 Facebook followers for your business page or personal page as a friend to get more sales and clicks to your website.

Imagine, if you have over 6000 people on your Facebook page and you posted an important  information that you know will interests them and then add your website links with the post. How much traffic do you think you can get from such a post to a friends of 6k? I can understand how you are feeling now. You want the solution and the tricks, you no longer ready to read without taking action right. Then, head over to your Facebook account and do some of the tricks that are below but make sure that you don’t over-do what I am about to show you in order not to get the wrong result.

Head over to this page on your Facebook account, you can copy and paste it in your browser so that it can open in another tab and then start adding friends.!/find-friends/browser/.

Note of warning: You need to add about 30 people within 60 seconds at once and then wait for the next five to ten minutes before you do another one so that Facebook will not notice what you are doing.

Also, don’t add more than 600 people in a day so that your account will not get banned. Okay!

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    • Yes, but that only depends on your choice. You don’t need to add someone that is not in your niche. Only add someone that you know can add value to your life. Like me now I can’t just add anybody without knowing what the person is up to. Read the person’s profile and know that he/she is someone that can accept your request. Thank a lot for your awesome idea @Arup. 🙂

  1. I’m not interested in adding as many friends as it possible, but probably for those people who want to do it this post will be a great helper. In any case, thanks a lot for sharing it


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