Facebook To Launch Video Chatting Soon

Barely a few days now, the rumour of Facebook linking with Microsoft Skype for a partnership purpose is what made the news but that news has now proved to be true. Though, none out of the two company announced the development.

The Mark Zuckerberg led team of Facebook later announced that they will be rolling out new service that will allow people to use video chat while using Facebook. This is still in the secret mode, they have not yet announced it officially about the service and apps that will be involved.

This new feature is said to be available around next week which will enable users to be able to chat while also seeing the person they are communicating with. This will make it very easy and more advanced than the formal way of chatting on Facebook which is by typing text only on the screen but now that will become a thing of the past as the users can now chat and also view live camera of who they’re chatting with.

Now this is the battle of the titan, Facebook is adding video chatting option with their service while also Google, the leader of most of internet stuffs also launched its own social-like platform that offers more than even what Facebook is offering presently, though, this is still in pre-launch mode but, we just need to wait and see who the winner will be.


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