Facebook Like Button: Not Working?

Facebook like button is one of the best sharing button ever on the internet. It is one of the best tool for bloggers and developers to make their website get more traffic by using it to share latest information about their websites and some other websites on the internet to their friends and followers on the social site. Unlike the Stumbleupon like button, facebook like button works in a way that makes it easier for bloggers and any other webiste owners to get their services in front of those who need them. If you are person who use to write interesting article and you want people to read your content on regular basis, using facebook sharing button is one of the best technique that can help you share them with those people who are ready to get them.Facebook Like Button Not Working

Techatlast, TAL officially announced that facebook like button has started malfunctioning again. The last time when the button failed was last June and this time again. It started three days ago that I’ve been monitoring the like button both on a Mozilla Firefox browser and the Google Chrome and it now shows that Facebook is working on a fix for this error now.

The Conditions to Know Facebook Like Isn’t Working for Your Blog:

If you started to experience any of the errors mentioned below, you should know that you needn’t to worry about it because the fix is already on the way for that and you should also know that most of your blog’s likes aren’t to be counted during this situation.

  • When you click on Like Button and it returned the button as if you’ve not clicked on it before
  • When you click the Button and you noticed that it shows that it counts but upon coming back to the page and you’re not seeing anything again
  • When you all your browser addon that are associated to be working with the like button are not seems to be working again.

So, if you started experiencing any of this problems, you shouldn’t worry much than to focus on sharing your own web pages by manual and also tell your readers to do as well during duration of this shutout until when facebook finally have a solution to it.

However, in some part of the world, the news we had from them still shows that the facebook like button is still working as at the time of this writing and that means, that your website can still get shared if those people are from the area where the button is still working for. Examples of those places are India, some part of the U.S, and those places that the button is failing are some large portion of African states and few part of the United States.

Let us know if you are experiencing the same thing in your location or not so that we can join together to pass the message accross to the concerned board so that the situation can be taken care of faster. Thanks for reading

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