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Some days ago on this platform, Olawale Daniel observed some changes that is coming up on Facebook, the Smiley and emoticons for live chat and comments, shortcuts and attachment. These observations set me into watching Facebook over some days now.

Naturally, it’s only the live chat platforms I see smiley, but what Zuckerberg has came up with will really be a success for this social platform, lets watch out the implication on the Facebook stock. I remembered when facebook included edit on its comment board, now it’s another technique entirely for Mark Zuckerberg creativity team. You can show how you feel on the update of your friend, by choosing a smiley.

Apart from these, other observation is that of the file sharing, the claim was that Facebook will be doing this together with Dropbox, where you can share files through this social platform unlike going to your email before you are able to do this.

The Changes on the Facebook Messaging

You know it’s been long that Facebook incorporated the live chat with messaging. Whenever your friend went offline during the time you were chatting with each other, the last message you drop appears in his inbox, and whenever he is back to chat, your chat history is quickly uploaded so you can continue, this feature is retained by Facebook. And the new feature it has added, Olawale Daniel has been playing with the smiley on each message he sent to me. 🙂

A list of your friends is presented on the left, and whenever you click on any of them, your message history is quickly displayed on the middle without tampering with your friend list, if you want to view message history for somebody else, just click on that person and it is quickly displayed, at the top is a “New message” button, where you can compose a message to send to a new friend, let me not forget this, this messaging is a thread view system where can scroll to see message conversation you have been getting as you scroll.

Facebook Messages Updates

Below the message box is provided an option where you are able to add files and photos to send to your friend in your message. This is different from the photos you upload on your wall. Only the person you send it to gets it. I am not sure yet which file format it supports and which it will not upload and send, as well as the minimum size of file you are able to upload at a time, but certainly, you can now upload you file and photos directly to send on Facebook on a well designed and arranged platform.

At a click on the “New message” button, you get a message box where you can type your message, and at the top, a space where you can fill your friend’s name or Email. I was thinking you can send a message to Email boxes like yahoo and Gmail, because of the inscribed option, “Name or Email”, but when I tried inserting an Email address, the box was doing an auto-search of people from Facebook, which shows that you can’t message anybody outside the Facebook network, the inscription means, either “Facebook Email”, or “Facebook Name”. It’s cool all the same; the upgrade is worth applause.Facebook messages

One more thing is that, the last time you had a conversation with your friend is displayed on each friend and whoever is present online, it indicates with a green dot just as before.

The message portal is presented in a way whereby you are able to send multiple messages, photos and files

A search box is provided where you can quickly search your friend to send a message instead of scrolling a list of the 5000 friends you have got on board.

I believe this is still not the end as Facebook will never get tired of improvement with its messaging platform. But for this little ones we are able to report, feel free to share your experience.


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