Uncovered: New Facebook ‘Timeline’ connects Business Better

When Facebook official switched all facebook pages over the weekend to its controversial Facebook Timeline style, many people taught it was another April fool’s joke. But it is not an April fool joke, this new development occured because the company has said it will be rolling out the new design in one of our posts last month.

The funny thing there is, it comes at a time when people really don’t prepare for it. The new page looks so confusing when compared to the normal page outlook that we’re more familiar with, but some people still believe the new changes could be good.Facebook roll out Timeline for Pages

While majority of the people were complaining about this change, some people, basically college student and business owners were rejoicing over the change. One of them named, Amanda Zecher from Coastal Carolina University said this move lets her connect better with many of his friends all around the country and the rest of the world.

“I’ve moved around a lot, so I have friends all over,” said Zecher.

She said that the Timeline lets her show off her true self without hassle.

“I like it because I’m a more visual person. A lot of the photos are more apparent there…It’s just very interactive and a cool layout.I think it is a pretty good representation of myself,” said Zecher.

Facebook Timeline – The changes Recorded

In this new version of Facebook Timeline design for pages and user accounts, we have noticed some changes which we need to bring to your notice and major of them are:

The cover picture

This cover picture is a feature that lets users choose extra picture to make his facebook profile page looks nice and interesting. The cover picture could be a pre-designed logo featuring your company’s details or your contact information.

Even, some people were using stock photos to make their cover picture which shows that Facebook just wants you to look presentable as Fran Lebowitz quoted in one his quotes.

“All God’s children are not beautiful. Most of God’s children are, in fact, barely presentable.” – Fran Lebowitz

This cover photo is what people sees when they visit your facebook profile page – and that is why you must have good and beautifully designed cover photo on your Timeline page.


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Reveal Your Past Activities to WWW

Gone are the days when you share something on Facebook and lost traces of it. This time, you can now show the world what you have shared last year, past five years, and many more on your timeline. The roll out of the new timeline lets friends see your past facebook updates.

People can now click on different years to reveal your past activities – even, to the time you first create your facebook account. That brings us to Facebook Security!

You need to make some of your profile information safe from people in case you have some confidential details which you would like to keep secret from people.

Business Social Tracking Simplification

This new update makes it easier for business page owners to have a breakdown demographics of who “Likes” their business page with ease.

Matthew Lusk, a manager at Sweet Frog in Carolina Forest, said:

“It will tell us how many ‘Likes’ on which certain day, so I can go back and look at which status I put up and how many people ‘Liked’ that.”

He said this new design lets him know where people are coming from to like his business page thereby helping him to keep record of his business page activities and focus on area that converts very well.

He said, “It breaks down where they’re coming from. It tells us how many are from Conway, North Myrtle Beach, how many are from Surfside, that sort of thing,” Lusk revealed.

“We know where the fans are coming from, so we know where to put our next business. We had a lot of fans come from Surfside [Beach], so we’re building another store in Surfside [Beach],” Lusk said.

With this new development at Facebook, we think this is the best time for you to check out the feature and start enjoying using facebook. But, avoid allowing your information to be released for the world by using simple facebook timeline security tips explained on IncrediBlogger.


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