5 Quick Guides to Facebook Timeline – Learn How to Use it Fast

It was yesterday that Facebook released its new feature known as Facebook Timeline to public for official use. Facebook Timeline is an illustrative, chronological listing of all the  details about people such as posts, shared links, photos, check-ins, and more in an easy to read and understand manner than the normal Facebook profile that hs been before. But as from now, since you now know that Timeline will exposed your life to the whole world. Hope you know that too? and this is the best time for you to curate your own interface to make it look awesome before it is finally available – you’ve seven days to tweak your Timeline to make it exactly the way you want before it finally goes live for everyone. You can go here to do that if you are interested in tweaking your timeline.

So, here are the five tips to help you on personalizing and privatizing your timeline to make it useful and interesting for you and not a prob or loss of useful information. With this tips, you’ll be able to get the best out of this new feature just released by Facebook. Though, the new interface doesn’t take much time for anyone who is not a techie to understand and it will make sense if you know how to personalize it very well to manage your reputation online.

1. Privacy Control: How to Hide Your Things from Others

If you aren’t a new comer to Facebook or someone who’s not always reading internet articles, you will agree with me that Facebook doesn’t really believe in privacy. And that should tell you that every information included on your Timeline might get read or seen by all your friends on Facebook and thereby proving a risk to your privacy if care is not taken slightly. That means, the last time rant between you and your ex may happen to be one of the information that will appear in your Timeline and a whole lots of things of such. And if you don’t control such information – it means you are selling yourself to the world freely.

In order to hide a Timeline information from showing to your friends and everyone, click the pencil icon that is located at the top of the post you wanted to remove from your Timeline and then choose the option that says “Hide from Timeline” and that’s all.

As well, if you want to limit the post you’ve posted some months ago before the Timeline feature being introduced, you can do that by clicking the arrow that is next to the Home icon at the top of the screen to view your Privacy Settings. Once you are there, then scroll down to the “Limit the Audience for Past Posts,” and choose “Manage Past Post Visibility.” Once done, then choose the “Limit Old Posts” — and right from that time, all the posts by you will be visible to your friends only.

2. Tell Your Life Story: How to Add Past Events

Now, you have the power to choose what you want to appear in your Timeline and you have the power to tell the story of yourself. You have the power to share what you have with your friends – the last party you had with your ex lover and some others like that. You really want to let people know when you are born or the first time you board a plane or what story do you have to tell the world? Use Facebook Timeline to do that with ease.

To add a photo or status update or a life event to your Facebook Timeline, you don’t have to do a lot of things, just hover the mouse over the line that’s in the center of the page and wait until it turns into a + sign (plus sign) and reveals the option for you to add one of the four types of posts. With this, you can tell everything that have happened since the day you’ve sign up for Facebook.

3. How to Customize Your Timeline

There are many methods you can use to personalize your Facebook Timeline. You should know that making your timeline interesting involves adding good and perfect cover to your timeline. You can do that by clicking the option that says above the “Update Info option.” Immediately you click that option, you will be given an option to choose from your images or you can as well download new image to use for your cover.

In case the image you’ve uploaded to be your cover isn’t that great like you first thought, just hover your mouse over that image and you’ll see “Change Cover” where you can change the image to another one or you can change its positions and others.

4. How Contents Appear: How to Check Out Your Timeline From Different Angles

Blocking some certain information from showing on your Timeline doesn’t affect the full appearance of your Timeline, you need to know this – you can get full view of your Facebook action history with ease. To access this, click the “Activity Log.Upon opening this option, you will the list of posts and contents you need to review before it goes live on your Timeline. This is a perfect way to keep your privacy and prevent dangerous info from your Timeline.

You can also filter what you can see by clicking the “All” option which is in form of a drop down menu at the top right hand side of the screen. Among the option there, you select to see posts by others, posts from specific Facebook apps, posts by you, photos and more.

Now, you can as well see exactly how friends sees you and that can help you make some corrections to that to avoid privacy issue. You can choose this option from the next icon to “Activity Log”. From that option, you can select “View As…your friend’s name” or you can select the “public” option to see how your Timeline looks to people out there.

5. Information Overload: How to Organize Friends and Filter Updates

Now that you’ve set up your Timeline, is this the final steps? Nope. There is still more other tweaks you can do to your Timeline to enjoy it to the fullest. Cleaning up your Timeline from updates from friends that aren’t applicable to your life won’t allow you to fell the real benefit of the new service. By default, when you add new person to your friends on Facebook, the default update by the person will be showing on your walls and you need to correct this in case you don’t want them. You can change your friend’s update level to “Only Important” updates or “All updates” if you want it or you can as well change it back to “Most Updates.” You can also filter the type of contents you are interested in seeing on your Timeline ranging from posts, photos, and events or more.

Just like the Google+ circles feature, you can now add your friends and organize them into lists

And if you haven’t done so already, you can organize friends into lists. Facebook Lists was rolled out in September recently.

Top access this info, head over to your Newsfeed and on the left side of the feed, click the “More,” option and toward the bottom you will see “Lists. You can add your friends manually to each lists you want them to be in.

Hope you enjoy this piece about using Facebook Timeline for effective social engagement? Let’s hear what you’ve got to say about Timeline and its features.

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