How to Activate Video Chat on Facebook

Facebook chatting is now active for all facebook users. In my last post on this topic, I wrote about facebook chatting still in the making but now the service has been launched and it is available for all facebook users and many others. The facebook chatting feature is a by product of facebook and Microsoft partnership to draw up the social networking war line between facebook and Google’s own Google+ social service.

If you are not yet activate your Facebook chatting features on facebook maybe due to the reason that is well-known to you or you don’t know how to go about it. This article will help you in setting up your facebook chatting account in few seconds.

For Facebook to compete with the leader of internet services new Social Networking products (Google in this sense), Facebook  has launched its own Video Calling and chatting feature is powered by popular VoIP service provider, Skype.

How Does Facebook Video Chatting  Works ?

It works in a great way. You can now chat, talk and share anything with the people you love the use of the new facebook chatting service, you can chat with text while also you can use video to chat and talk with your people.

Also, you can leave messages for your friends and loved ones in video format if the person is not online so that he/she can watch and understand your message when next he is online. This service works just as the same way as Skype normally works but the only different thing there is the ability to save video chatting session for users that are not online to view in later time.

You will see the person you are chatting with and likewise the person will also be able to see you clearly but you need to have a faster form of internet connection before you can do this successfully as this will also eats some of your internet connection bandwidth. In case if your computer doesn’t support webcam features, you can still use this service by doing your chat in form of an audio, you will be talking to each other just as you are doing on Skype and do other tasks at the same time.

Steps to Activate Facebook Video Calling ?

To activate this facility first rush to the Facebook and Skype Video Chatting activation page and follow this step to get yourself on board. Once you get there, click on the word “Get started” as in the picture below.

Immediately you get to this page then click on the get started button and it will take you to the other page like the one below. What you need to do next is to choose one of your friend that is online which you wants to chat with.

After this choosing your friend which you wish to chat with on the facebook video sharing page, then it will take you to this page below.Click on SETUP.

It will start to download an application for you that which you need to install on your computer.

After the download of the application, double-click on it so that it can start installing on your computer.

The very moment you finish the installation of this application, then you can start your first call via Skype on facebook.

You can also watch the video from facebook below to know more on this….

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