Three Factors That Can Negatively Affect Your Circuits Connection

Bad Connection

Many factors can affect the output of your circuit connection. Some of these factors are mostly from us (we human beings) at times and while in some other cases, it happened naturally.
In this article, we shall be seeing the three things that can affect our circuit connection if you do not take proper care of them.

The Position of the Wire

If the wires and other components that you are trying use for the connection do are not on a straight line, which can be very dangerous and can affect the output of the connection at the end.
When drawing or setting up circuits, all wire must be on the straight line because this will make the connection to work faster. Use ruler when necessary as this will helps in bringing out the best results. (See picture below)

diagram connection

Error Reading of All the Components

Use the right reading for your circuit drawing process because this is another determinant factor that can affect your circuit connection.
The amount of the voltage you want to use must be exact with the rate on the paper (must be the same thing as the rate that you are given for the experiment). Everything must be the same so that you can get good result from the circuit.

Your negligence to calculate and use the right rate for the connection can cause danger, and some other negative things.
The voltage, ammeter, and others components must pass under good rating measure so that you would not make a mistake by using higher voltage with a lower ampere and vice-versa.


Always make sure to arrange the diagram very well so that the energy can flow through them easily. This will make it very easy for your connection to work faster than just working it out without achieving any success from it.
Therefore, these are what can be the cause of your connection failure and the move to stop this will make you to get good result from your connection every time.

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