FindTheBest is working out things faster when Google Squared failed Squarely

According to Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt’s 65 pages articles in responses to all the questions from the Senate of the Judiciary Sub-committee on Antitrust, he said that there were a range of competitors that Google faces in the search market. He says, some are well-known while others are still nowhere to be found, but still exists. Those smaller companies that Schmidt points out to be one of those competitors was FindTheBest. Schmidt grouped the site in the list of the “vertical search” providers, according to his word:

We do not have to speculate as to whether there are new entrants in vertical search services such as comparison shopping and local search and review sites. There are new entrants in these market segments all the time. FindTheBest, a new comparison shopping site, launched by DoubleClick‘s co-founder last year, just raised $6 million in venture funding over the summer.

Find The Best is a comparison search engine that allows searchers to see the detailed information they are searching for ranging from colleges to smarthphones and others. That’s exactly what Google was trying to do with its Google Squared product on an automated basis but the search giant failed to do it.

Before, like what we wrote in the FindTheBest review few months ago, the site was interesting but was too clustered when compared to what Google and other search providers alike offers. But now, the site has got another redesign which makes everything interesting and exciting. Conducting research on FindTheBest now becomes an easy thing because everything is now simplified, the search page and others are now clean. The new streamlined interface will enable users to search for whatsoever they needed to know about with simple-to-use interface and it is very certain that this new development will attract more visitors to the site.

Compare All Smartphones

FindTheBest is using an algorithm that compile together user and an expert ratings of a products or services in order to provide the output result for what the researcher’s looking for.

If you don’t know anything about the Google Squared service, watching the videos below will give you an insight on that.


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