Firefox 5 Now Released – Available for Download

Mozilla has finally released the new Firefox 5 version so that users can be able to donwload and start using it. The new version of the Firefox works jsut the same way like the formal Firefox 4 which has now turned obsolete since the release of its sister version.

The new Firefox web browser offers more unique features more than the features that you are able to enjoy with the previous version. See below for some of the features of this new release and also use the link below to download your version according to the type of OS you are using.

Some of the Cool features that Firefox 5 supports:

  • Easy Support for CSS transition
  • Do Not Track
  • Enhanced standards support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL and others
  • Easy spell check features for transaction into various languages and many other features.
  • Available for both Windows, Mac and Linux operating system and also mobile OS.

To download it, choose the right link below.

Windows OS (32-bit)

Linux OS 1 (for 32-bit os) or Linux OS2 (for 64-bit). You must download the right one for your OS so that it can work.

For Mac OS X this is for Apple’s product users that are using Macintosh operating system.

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