Firefox 7 Released – What Next?

Firefox 7.0 Released – What Next?

This is an uninteresting question to many people, the reason is because of the way Firefox browsers version is being replaced all the time. Firefox update is just like facebook update – they firefox team always make sure that they update as fast as possible without the thinking of users in mind. Some months ago when firefox released newer version of its product, many online bloggers experienced lots of downfall in term of ranks. Alexa rank slide down and many blogs that has high Alexa rank jumped back to the end of the queue due to the incompatibility of the new version with the Alexa toolbar addon and some other tools like that.

But, now that Firefox 7.0 is now available for download, what next should we expect from the firefox team? Maybe next month, another firefox 8, or Firefox 10! Anything can happen since mozilla firefox is no more offering the simple interface it uses to offered before again.

This time now, Firefox is making sure that Google chrome does not have anything to do in the internet browsers business but, little do they understand that frequent changes do piss people off. And that alone can be the reason for people to shift to the other side and test out the competitor’s offer. Let’s leave that aside till when next update comes.

How can I download Mozilla 7.0?

If you want to download the latest version of the mozilla firefox for your computer, you can get it from techatlast.

Functions of the Firefox 7.0

Though, the newer version, Mozilla firefox 7.o, does promises lots of things but the main attraction to people is the low memory usage option.

You can download Mozilla Firefox 7.0 from that link and then start to enjoy it. You can also read the release notes here.

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