Firefox 9.0 Final Version for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android Released, download now

The Mozilla Firefox 9.0 has just been released by Mozilla. This new release is very earlier than expected after the company’s release of Mozilla 8.0 preceding month.  And now, Mozilla have officially released Firefox 9.0 after going through some beta versions of it.
And now, this new release is now available on their FTP server for download and this would make it easier for the general public to download it too. But, in case you have downloaded yours since the last three days when it hasn’t been released officially – no problem because it is now officially released for everyone and its design is now officially proven on Firefox’s website.mozilla firefox 9.0
The new Firefox 9.0 comes with few major enhancements and some improvements from the earlier version, and it also have new features which can make it work faster than all previous version – which many believed is the fastest version till now, Firefox 8.0. Recently, we featured Firefox 8 details and the new design and it isn’t up to the actual time the next version supposed to be released when this new one is being released.

This new version comes with an improvement in performance of JavaScripts. That one apart, the Text Overflow, HTML5, CSS, and MathML support for this new version has been  enhanced.


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Security wise, the new version comes with a protective method which will protect your information from online tracking tools and websites just by activating the “Do Not Track Status via JavaScript” feature inside the configuration panel.

However, the new Mozilla Firefox 9 also comes with great and useful features for Macintosh OS users, especially for Mac OX X Lion, and it includes Improved Theme Integration, Two Finger Swipe Navigation, and visual improvements.

About stability, it is perfect and when it comes to its functionality and those security bugs which many people have complained about for a while now, those ones have been fixed as well in this new Firefox 9.0.

To download, you can visit Mozilla website and check the new updated version for yourself, but if you want to download it from alternate link, use the links below according to your OS.

Download Firefox 9.0 for Win XP, Vista & 7 

Download Firefox 9.0 for Mac OS X Lion

Download Firefox 9.0 for Linux

Download Firefox 9.0 for Android 

Download Firefox 8.0 





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    awesome update….firefox gets better by each update 🙂

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